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Throughout my teenage years I have earned some extra pocket
money by
babysitting. I had three families (?) that I sat
for on a regular basis. It was easy money, I've always
got on well with young , primarily I think because
I am patient. The only downside was that I often had to give
up my Saturday evenings and this left me with an uncomfortable
feeling that I was
missing out on my social life.

One Saturday afternoon, I received a telephone call from
a Mrs Green, who told me that I had been recommended by one
of my regular employers and that she was desperate because
her usual babysitter had gone into hospital with suspected
appendicitis. Although I had nothing important planned
for that evening I still hesitated a bit and then Mrs Green
said "I know it is late notice so I will be happy to pay
you double the normal rate". Well this clinched it
for me - I'd never been offered double time before -
and after she told me that her three year old was no trouble
at all I agreed to do it. Mrs Green asked me to be at their house
before 7 o'clock. I left the house at 6.30 to walk to
the Green's house. I was very happy as I walked, looking
forward to earning so much money.

The Green's had a big house and I noticed that there
was a gorgeous silver car parked in the driveway. I rang
the door bell and a very attractive woman answered the door
and beckoned me inside. She introduced herself as Mrs Green
"please call me Jill" and quickly showed me
around the house. The house was beautifully decorated
and it was obvious that the Green's were very successful
- in the bathroom they even had a jacuzzi! I was introduced
to Kevin, Jill's three year old who was playing with
his bricks in the living room. Jill showed me where the tea
and coffee were kept and told me to help myself to the Coke
in the fridge and any fruit in the bowls, which was fine by

There was a long hallway leading from the front door to the
kitchen and the living room, in which Kevin was playing,
ran the whole length of the house to one side. I stood in the
doorway of the kitchen as Jill finalised her preparations
by putting in some hooped earrings and making some final
adjustments to her make-up while she was talking to me "Phil
is ALWAYS the last to be ready and then he blames me when we're
late....Kevin is a real sweetie....he should be in bed
by 8.....we'll be back before midnight.

I couldn't help but like Jill, she was very natural
and obviously great fun. As I watched her I could see that
she was a very attractive woman. I guess she was about 30,
and about the same height as me but she was wearing high heels.
She was very slim and had short, close-cropped blonde hair
that had obviously been styled earlier that day. Her clothes
were very smart and obviously good quality. She had on black
stockings and a short mid-thigh black skirt, above which
she was wearing a gorgeous white top that I would have died
for. As she stretched towards the mirror to put on her lipstick
I could see the outline of her breasts covered by a lacy white
bra. At that moment I heard Phil walking down the stairs
and I was briefly introduced to him. He had a gorgeous smile,
ice blue eyes and wide shoulders, the stuff teenage girls
fantasies are made of...well at this this ones I caught
him looking, briefly, at my boobs (im used to it) but he didn't
seem the least bit embarrassed and just smiled back to me,
acknowledging that he'd been spotted. I smiled back
because I wasn't going to play the shrinking violet.
This made him laugh out loud "I'm sure Kevin is
going to be safe in your company Christy". I spent
the next couple of hours or so playing with Kevin. After
9, I got him ready for bed and read him a story and sat with
him until he fell asleep so it was nearly 10 by the time I was
back down in the quiet of the Greens' living room. I
pulled the curtains and made myself comfortable on their
gorgeous enormous comfy sofa and switched on the TV. Despite
it being Saturday night there was absolutely nothing worth
watching on TV, so I started to get fidgety and wished I had
a book to read. It got so bad I started to pace around the room.
Then my eyes fell on a magazine rack hidden beside the sofa
- so I grabbed the first mag I found, which was a woman's
magazine, which had one or two interesting articles but
I quickly finished it. I crawled along the sofa and squeezed
the magazine back into the very tightly packed rack and
started to rummage through the papers until my hand
felt a very glossy magazine with a hard spine. I pulled it
out, expecting it to be Cosmo or something like that and
I couldn't believe it when I saw that it was a porno mag
- feelings of guilt and excitement ran over me at the same
time and my heart rate probably doubled. I couldn't
believe that Phil would have been so stupid to have left
it lying around in the living room! Now having an older brother
I wasn't entirely a stranger to girlie mags- I knew
that he had two very tame (compared to this one) and well-thumbed
magazines hidden underneath his mattress, which I had
read cover to cover, when everyone else had been out, but
this magazine was so hard! It was a magazine called Puritan
and it
was full of sex and full of gorgeous men with very big cocks
and the sexiest women sucking and fucking and even taking
these cocks up their ass-holes.

I had never seen anything like it. Id seen some funny sexy
films late at night with my best friend Kelly, when Id stayed
over at hers but no cocks and definitely no sucking and anal
sex! I was mesmerised. I read a very hot story in the magazine
about two girls being caught doing something bad by two
policemen and then having to "pay-off" their
fine by having some very rough sex. But best of all I flicked
through the picture stories, getting incredibly turned
on by the naked bodies, vibrators and cum. I was getting
so wet that I couldn't help but slide my hand down my
panties to relieve some of my tension. I was so wet but I looked
up and saw the family cat looking at me and I realised where
I was - in a strangers living room - and it was nearly 11.30pm
and they could be home at any time. So, I slid the magazine
back into the rack and turned the TV back on. I have no idea
what was on because my mind was definitely still with the

It wasn't until past 12.30am before the Greens returned
and apologised for being late "....especially as
they had been really bored by Phil's work
has Kevin been?...nothing?...there I told you...."
Jill still had plenty of energy. Phil yawned and begged
to be allowed to go to bed "...that was work for me you
know...." Jill paid me. Id genuinely forgotten about
the money and I think she was touched by my gasp of surprise.
So Jill ran me home and told me that they were very keen to
find a regular babysitter. Even though their usual babysitter
was ill they'd previously caught her using the telephone
and that, somehow was a breach of trust, even though they'd
probably have let her use it if she'd asked
was the just doing it that didn't seem quite right to
them. I said Id be very happy to babysit for them again. "That's
good" said Jill, "because I like you and I feel
that you're someone I'd get along with and after
all its not just how you get on with Kevin but even more its
how you get along with me and Phil isn't it?" I
think I understood her and nodded "yes that was important
- it's about trust!". "Exactly!"
exclaimed Jill "..and I trust that you'll be
able to babysit for us next Friday?" she laughed.
I laughed too, it was a very bad joke, and said "yes
I'll be happy too". Just then we pulled up at my
house and I jumped out of the car. "So you'll come
round at
8.....and normal rates of pay this time Christy!"


I waved her goodbye and then walked quickly up to my bedroom.
It took me sometime to fall asleep that night as I continued
what I hadnt been able to finish at the Greens'. The
following week seemed to drag by and everyday I seemed to
be daydreaming about the magazine I had seen. On the Tuesday
evening I
remember I had run myself a nice hot bath and while everyone
was watching TV downstairs I was rubbing my clit hard with
my legs up on the edge of the bath. In particular, I remembered
the picture story from the magazine where two women (one
older and one younger) were playing with vibrators in the
bedroom. Somewhere during the story, but I didn't
know exactly where, the younger girl had completely shaved
her pussy hair. I had never seen an adult pussy completely
shaved before and I was surprised that Id be turned on by
it. Also the sight of the other woman licking her pussy was
an incredible turn on. It seemed all very natural to me,
sex between two women that is. I certainly didn't question
whether this made me a lesbian. Both women were extremely
beautiful and sexy so it must be natural that they'd
be attracted to each other.

I have always had a crush one of my teachers Miss Bradley,
since I and there had always been a couple of older girls
at school that I'd always thought were incredibly
good looking and sexy. I'd dreamt about being their
special friend but I hadnt dreamt about them as sexily as
I was now. I had dreamt about being naked with Mrs Bradley.
My dreams were more that she would hold me close and kiss
me for ages. But I wasn't a lesbian because I know that
I wanted to have sex with guys.

Although there was nobody special there was no shortage
of guys who would ask me out - or just stand and stare at my
boobs if they were shy. That summer Id also become aware
of how older men would sneak glances at my boobs as I was walking
down the street. Even some of my teachers at school couldn't
help it. Sometimes I was annoyed that my boobs were the only
part of me they looked at but mainly I was quite happy that
I had two beautiful, sensitive titties that were so obviously
attractive to guys of all ages. We had a few girls in our year
(especially Sasha Dutton and Ami Chandler) who, everyone
thought, would have sex with anyone. I didn't know
whether they deserved it but their reputation was really
bad. I was determined that I would not be thought of as a slut
like they were.

Half way through the story a guy walked in to the bedroom.
Im not sure what the relationship with the two women was
but he was naked and had a very nice looking cock. I'd
never previously had a cock in my mouth before, although
I had held one for a short while before he came over my wrist.
It was definitely something I wanted to do. Just as I was
imagining the guy pushing his cock into my mouth as the girl
continued to lick my pussy there was a concerned knock on
the bathroom door - it was my mother "Christy? Are
you OK? You've been in there for ages....?" "Im
fine mum - just drifted off....I'll be out soon"
though secretly I cursed her bad timing and my lack of privacy.
Also, it should be noted, during this week my guilty conscience
was also telling me that what I was doing was wrong. That
I shouldn't be so worked up by my imagination and that
what I was imagining only happened in glossy sex magazines
and not in the real world. But my lust would always eventually
overcome these thoughts.

Friday finally came around and seemed to drag by at school.
I wasn't hungry that evening and Im sure wasn't
very talkative at dinner. It was getting cold that evening
so I threw a big heavy purple sweater on over my bra and over
my jeans. After Id put on my trainers I remembered looking
at myself in my bedroom mirror, holding my hair up and pushing
my boobs and bum out. Not bad I thought. I tied my hair back
in a pony tail and grabbed my coat on the way out calling to
my family that I'd see them in the morning.

I felt nervous as I walked up the drive to the Green's
front door. Maybe I was being stupid and that what happened
last week was a one off. But they had both been very nice,
especially Jill, and even after only one appointment they
were already my favourite "". I rang
the doorbell and waited in the porch but
not for long as Phil opened the front door for me and welcomed
me inside. "Hello gorgeous" he smiled and took
my coat from me - "Why thank you kind sir" I flirted
back. After hanging my coat up he led me into the living room
"Jill is taking her time getting ready - I guess you
know what women can be like" he laughed and I told him
that was exactly what Jill had said to me last week about
him. Jill then breezed in and said "he's not getting
on your nerves is he Christy? We get a pretty girl to come
and babysit and all of a sudden he's answering the front
door!" and we all laughed at that.

"Now, Im sure Ive tired Kevin out today and he's
already asleep but if you can look in on him a couple of times.....we're
only visiting friends so wont be far away but I doubt very
much we'll be back before midnight...and I haven't
seen the cat for please act as if you're
at home, help yourself to whatever you find in the kitchen....if
you get bored feel free to watch a video or listen to some
CDs.....if you break anything we'll take it out of
your wages, OK?...don't worry I'm only joking
but I know you won't break anything." I took it
all in but one thing I was certain about was that I hoped Id
be reading something and doing something in their living
room that Id never dream
of doing at home. Jill continued "now we've snagged
the curtains somehow so they won't close at the front.
I noticed that Jill and Phil were much more casually dressed
than before, Phil in jeans and Jill in an mid-thigh skirt
and top.

Eventually, they left through the front door and I watched
the car exit through the drive way - Phil giving me a big wave
as the car drove off down the Avenue. I gently pulled the
curtains but found that they were indeed stuck 18 inches
apart and then I realised where I was and spun around and
dived for the magazine rack. But there was nothing there
- just an old Cosmo and some of the previous weeks Sunday
Supplements. No Puritan magazine....nothing. I cursed
inwardly "Damn! Damn! Damn!" I almost stamped
my feet almost in a temper tantrum. But then reason set in
- it served me right and after all I wasn't being paid
to sit here and read the Green's dirty magazines.

Somewhat deflatedly, I made myself a cup of tea and returned
to the sofa
and read the paper to see what was on TV. Nothing I wanted
to watch. I sighed and began to feel sorry for myself "another
Friday night babysitting while everyone else was out enjoying
themselves" was roughly the train of my thoughts.
I thought to myself that I should look through their films
to see whether there was anything that would cheer me up.
On the bookshelf there was a row of bought films and it was
obvious that their taste was quite eclectic, too eclectic
for me anyhow. I spotted that there was a drawer under the
video player and pulled it gently to find a draw full of recorded
tapes. Most of them seemed to be of films recorded off the
TV or of documentaries but I caught my breath as I saw what
was written on the spine of one of the videos nearly
two-thirds of the way back in the drawer. In thick black
marker pen ink were the words "Tit Turn On".
Bingo I thought but again I hadnt expected to find something
like this here. I drew the tape back out and saw it had been
rewound to the beginning. Somehow I felt that I was doing
wrong even though the Green's had told me I could watch
one of their films (any one of their films!).
I pushed the video into their tape recorder and pressed
play. Then I
stepped back to the sofa and with the remote switched the
TV to channel
3, which like ours at home proved to be the video channel.
The film was indeed called "Tit Turn On" and
there was a long list of actors and actresses (mainly actresses
it seemed) scrolling down the screen. I could hardly breath
and could feel my pulse racing as the first scene came up.
There was guy sat in the corner of the room and he was watching
another guy and girl having sex on the sofa. The guy was wearing
sunglasses and seemed to be a wam-bam-thank-you-mam kind
of stud but the girl was something else. She had blonde curly
hair but her tits were huge! They were so much bigger than
mine they must have been
enhanced. I couldn't begin to guess what size they
might be. I currently wore a 32C bra. This actress had much
larger boobs than mine and they looked good. The guy in the
sunglasses didn't seem to be giving much thought to
the girl's orgasm and quickly came inside her. Then
he pulled out and the girl walked out of the room and he started
to talk to the guy who had been watching in the shadows. Eventually
it dawned on me that the guy in the shadows really fancied
the girl with the huge tits but he had a poor self image and
had dreamt the previous sequence of his alter-ego fucking
his dream girl hard and without feeling because that is
what he thought the girl wanted. At least this is what he
told his alter ego. They were disturbed by the girl walking
back in and I began to see why the film was called "Tit
Turn On". She was just so incredibly sexy,
horny, slutty, that she was turning me on. She was acting
nice but was wearing a really low hung silk top that showed
so much of her cleavage and wore a skirt so high that you could
almost see her panties. I know this was a film but I thought
that if this is what people wear in California then Im going
to visit there some day. Her silk top came off very quickly
and I saw that as well as a pierced
tongue, both her nipples were pierced and I found out later
that her clit and was pierced as well. He had a really nice
body and a very big cock that was soon in her mouth, between
her tits and in her pussy. I was overcome and mesmerised
again. This was so much better than the magazine Id seen
before. I became incredibly aroused and it seemed to become
hotter than before in the living room. I pushed my shoes
off and then stepped out of my jeans, after pushing them
down over my hips and down my thighs. For some time I sat on
the sofa with my panties pulled to one side as I gently ran
my fingers along my pussy and over my clit. As I watched the
guy in the film cum loads on the girl, her face, her boobs
and pussy I pulled my sweater off and threw it to the floor.
slipped off the sofa and sat on the floor. My nipples were
incredibly hard and I reached behind my back and unclasped
my bra. Both nipples felt very tender but I leant down and
licked one nipple with my tongue which seemed to have the
effect of cooling them slightly. Then I grabbed the nipple
between my teeth and let the weight of my boob pull at the
nipple clasped in my mouth. I let go with my teeth - that felt
good. The film had moved on to another scene, again involving
an actress with very large tits and the plot of this one was
much simpler than the one before. In no time I had pulled
my panties down and thrown them on to the sofa and as I watched
the film I continued to play with my breasts and with my pussy
as well. This was the best masturbation session Id ever
had. But as I watched more of the film and more scenes came
up in
the kitchen, the bedroom, on a pool table, in the pool, in
the garden and all of them involving incredibly beautiful
actresses with big tits I couldn't quite reach climax
even though I was sopping wet and at one stage had three fingers
up my pussy as my thumb was rubbing my clit. And then I began
to notice the cat which had somehow slunk in and sat on the
chair back and seemed to be watching me. This was not helping
and my concentration was shot. I had to throw the cat out.
I stood up and, for some reason, threw my sweater on and went
to pick the cat up and walked him through to the kitchen door.
He wasn't keen to go out but I eventually threw him out
of the back door but just as I
closed the door he ran in through the catflap and through
my legs. I tried to catch him but turned around without success,
which is when I saw Jill's legs as she was standing in
the hall doorway. I stood up as she asked "Christy,
what do you think you've been doing?" Afterwards,
Jill told me that I immediately went a deathly white colour.
Im not sure about that but I definitely felt very faint and
had to grab a unit to steady myself. I couldn't believe
that Jill was there. "Oh my god.....I'm so so
sorry" and then I started to cry. I couldn't help
it but my emotions were so strong that I just started crying
and these turned into some racking sobs. At that Jill strode
across the kitchen and took me in her arms and hugged me close
to her chest "Christy, darling, you've done
nothing wrong honey. It's me who should be sorry, surprising
you like this". "....but...see how I have....abused.....your
welcome." "Oh I can see Christy, I can see and
please believe me everything is OK". At that, still
holding me close, Jill led me into
the living room, where the film was still playing and my
clothes were strewn across the sofa. Jill picked my panties
up. "I think you should put these on at least, Phil
will be here very soon." "Where is he?"
I asked in a panic. "He
dropped me off and has gone to drop off Jack and Fran. Their
called them at the restaurant that their baby girl appeared
to be very ill, so that's why we came back early and why
you didn't hear me". Jill was still holding me
close and was stroking my hair, she had undone the ponytail
and I was beginning to feel very comfortable in her arms
but still I felt bad. "Im so ashamed....that you've
found me like this." "So you're only sorry
that I caught you then?" I looked up and saw Jill was
smiling "'s just that...." I tailed
off because there was no denying what she said was true.



Jill then leant forward and kissed me on the forhead. "Oh
Christy, pretty gorgeous Christy". What it must
be like to be 15 and to have all your life ahead of you - to have
everything ahead of you, to try everything for the first
time again." I felt as though I wasn't expected
to say anything but looked up at Jill again as she rubbed
my tears away. I sat up so that I was level with Jill. Still
the porn film was playing in the background, although Jill
had turned the sound a long way down. I looked into Jills
eyes and it seemed as though Jill was looking inside me,
to see whether there were any signs of doubt. She was still
holding me close and stroking my hair, as my tears subsided.
All of a sudden the situation we were in felt very sexual.
My pulse quickened and I think I started shaking a little
with excitement. For what seemed ages we sat there silently,
Jill stroking my hair. Then, almost surprisingly, Jill
leant forward and kissed me on the lips. This time she pulled
back to look into my eyes and to guess what I was thinking.
It was my turn to take a risk and I leant forwad and
kissed her lips gently. She opened her lips and all of a sudden
we were
kissing properly. "Oh Christy, let me look after
you" Jill almost groaned.

We continued kissing, almost making out, on the sofa. Jill
pulled me close to her as she explored my mouth with her tongue.
She also reached beneath my sweater and clasped my left
tit and started to kneed it gently. My nipples started to
harden and she ran her palm across my left one, teasing it
out even further. I meanwhile, was not a passive participant
and held her head and stroked her hair as we continued to
kiss. We broke for air and it seemed as though reason had
returned to Jill for a moment as she held my shoulders away
from her and looked me straight in my eyes. "I want
you to know that once, a few years ago, when I was younger
even than you, I was sat in your position. I was lucky enough
to find a couple who taught me how to enjoy sex and to use my

imagination. If you want.... If you want..... Phil and
I can do this for you but, and this is a big but, any relationship
we have must be based upon trust. Sometime trust can be misplaced
but if you trust us we will give you the time of your life -
I promise that - and we must be able to trust you too. If you're
not willing to agree to that, or if you think that this is
not something you want then we can stop now. We can clear
you up and when Phil gets here very soon he can take you home
none the wiser...." At that I placed a finger over
Jill's lips stopping her from talking anymore. "Jill,
can't you see how much I want this, don't you realise
how much Im on fire. I cant walk away now even if I wanted to.
Id regret it for ages. I am a sexual girl, that must be as obvious
to you as it is to me" as I glanced at the video where
another big-titted actress was being fucked doggy style
with her dress pushed up over her hips and down from her breasts
as they swung down from her chest. "I am very happy
to play by your rules. I want you to teach me, you and Phil
and I'll trust you and Im sure you can trust me."
At this, Jill smiled an enormous smile and kissed me again.
"Oh honey, we are going to have sooo much fun. Now
let me see more of you. Since
last week both Phil and I have dreamt and fantasised about
seducing you and seeing you naked." She then grabbed
the base of my sweater and pulled it gently up over my head
and threw it over the back of the sofa. My tits were free,
my nipples hard. I held my right tit with my right hand and
rubbed my nipple between my thumb and forefinger. I was
so hot but the shaking had disappeared and I felt totally
comfortable with this situation. Jill then leant forward
and ran her tongue around my nipple, gently tickling the
edge of my aurola and lip-kissing my fleshy mound. I leant
back in pleasure and fed my
boob to Jill's mouth, which she then greedily sucked.
She then moved onto her knees in front of me and held both
boobs in her two palms. "These are wonderful Christy,
so many people must want to be in the position I am now. Look
after these babies, darling, because they will be your
key to unwrapping so much happiness in the years ahead."
She kissed both nipples and let them go as she stood up in
front of me.

Not breaking eye contact she undid her skirt and threw it
into the room and then pulled her top over her head. She really
did have a wonderful body. While I concentrated on watching
Jill removing her clothes, I tried to commit all of this
to memory. Despite this I sat back and played with my tits,
tweaking my nipples even harder. Jill then reached behind
her and unclasped her bra. It was almost a game as she held
the bra close to her body for a few seconds and then let it
drop to the floor. She reached above her head and I saw her
breasts for the very first time. "Not as big as yours
honey, but they'll be yours to play with very soon".
She then turned 180 degrees so that she was stood facing
away from me. Looking over her shoulder she smiled in my
direction and looped her thumbs under the waistband of
her panties. Keeping her legs straight she slowly, but
steadily pushed her panties down to her ankles. I could
see her wonderful ass, very tight and she obviously worked
out. I couldn't see any fat on her body. I remember wanting
to reach out and grab her ass cheeks and kiss and lick down
to her hot crack. Jill stepped out of her panties and kicked
them to the other side of the room. She then turned around
and I saw that she was completely shaved and for the first
time I saw a completely bald pussy
on a grown woman. Jill stood in front of me and gently ran
a finger along her pussy so I could glimpse the pink flesh
within. "Do you like, Christy?" she teased
as she saw that I could not draw my eyes away. "Yes,
very much".
At that, Jill jumped onto the sofa next to me. "I'm
so turned on honey, I can't wait....." she exclaimed
and leant forward and kissed me, while stroking my hair.
I kissed her back hard and enjoyed her smell and feel as she
pushed her tongue into my mouth. Then she pulled out and
murmured as she kissed my chin as she held my boob and teased
the nipple even harder. I became a helpless passenger,
waiting what she would do next. My pussy was on fire and I
was dying to play with my clit but felt helpless to do so.
Jill guessed this and as she lowered her head to take one
nipple inside her lips, her right hand slipped
down to my panties and she rubbed my pussy through the pantie
I gasped as she ran her finger along my clit and I pushed harder
out against Jill's hand. I was overcome with the feelings
that Jill was inflicting on me - it was wonderful. As Jill
grabbed and stroked my tit with one hand she began to kiss
and gently bite the other. I sensed rather than saw Phil
enter the room. I looked over to the armchair on the other
side of the room and saw him sitting their -
naked. "Hi Phil" I smiled in welcome. "Hi
darling" he replied with an even bigger smile "It
looks like you're enjoying yourself". "OOOh
yes!" I purred and turned to concentrate on Jill,
as Phil sat back and gently stroked his cock to hardness.
Jill paused then and stretched up, kneeling between my
legs. She leaned forward and we kissed as I pulled her close
to me. I took the opportunity to feel how hot she was and realised
that I too was very flushed. We stopped kissing and Jill
whispered in my ear "I want to make you cum now honey".
I could only smile in response. She leant back and grabbed
my panties, either side of my waist. I raisedmy ass and the
thin material was dragged down over my butt, over my thighs
and calfs and touched my feet as they were pulled off and
thrown into the room centre. "We're all naked
now honey" Jill murmured. "It's time we
enjoyed each other". Jill moved onto her hands and
knees and moved down between my legs. Her finger rubbed
my pussy lips and felt my wetness. I sighed and spread my
thighs wider. I then closed my eyes to concentrate on the
sensations I was feeling and then felt Jill kissing my inner
thigh. Gentle kisses were then followed by more pressure
and then the wetness of her tongue running up close to my

I opened my eyes and caught Phil's eye and immediately
looked down and
saw him stroking his hard cock which sprouted from between
his legs. I looked up again, in time to see Phil blow me a kiss.
I smiled back at him and turned to watch Jill's head
above my pussy. I reached out with my left hand to stroke
her hair as my right hand held the weight of my tit. For a moment
I was struck by the unreality of the situation, disbelieving
that it was actually me here in this room having sex like
nothing Id ever experienced before. Then I felt Jill's

tongue gently opening my pussy lips to taste my sweet flesh
inside. I raised my pussy and pushed it towards Jill - offering
more. She lapped continuously at my pussy up until, raising
her head to look me in the eye, she ran her tongue the length
of my pussy and up over my hard clit. Wow!!!! I raised my pussy
even higher and Jill held my ass with both her hands so that
she could eat and drink my pussy. I tugged and pulled at my
nipples. Jill continued to pull me into her mouth and all
of a sudden I shook as my orgasm took me. I subsided and took
a little time to catch my breath. I looked up and Jill and
saw her with my sticky juices over her mouth and chin. "Thank
you" I panted. "Thank you so much". "We've
only just begun" whispered Jill to me and I followed
her glance over to where Phil was stroking his very hard
cock. "That's all for you honey, go and enjoy
yourself" smiling at me in encouragement.

I rolled off the sofa and onto my hands and knees.

"Stop there" Phil barked at me. Slightly confused
I waited. Phil smiled at me "I just wanted to memorise
this situation, beautiful Christy on her hands and knees
coming to play with my prick". "Stick your ass
out beautiful, and let this be a truly memorable picture".
I complied and arched my back. Taking Jill's words
from half and hour earlier, I then asked him "Do you
like?". "Oh I like honey - I like a lot"
he replied. "But what do you want now?" "I
want to come over there." "To do what honey?"
I hesitated "....I want to play with you cock".
"Play with it? What do you mean play with it?"
" I want to hold it" I was so horny, enjoying the
little game he was forcing me to play. "I want to hold
it and play with it". "And then what" Phil
encouraged. I then started to move towards him, so slowly.
"And then....and then I'll kiss it". "You'll
kiss it?" he queried "is that all?". "And
then I'll take you into my mouth.....and suck you".
I smiled up at him as I moved closer. "Tell me what you'll
suck honey?" Warming to this game I held his gaze and
said "I'm going to suck your cock Phil, your big,
fat, hard cock" "Oooooh - I can't wait.....come
here honey" I'd moved across the room
so that I was kneeling between his outstretched legs. Pulling
myself up his thighs, I brushed his cock with my hand, it
was hard and thick. I grasped its girth half way up the stem,
gently cradling it. I was surprised how hot it was. I slowly
pulled his foreskin up to the cock head. I was mesmerised
by what I had in my hand. It felt unreal, bouncy and hard.
My hand could not reach around its girth so I took it in my
left hand too and began to pull at it with both hands. This
was fun. Phil was groaning a little at this, but I could tell
I was turning him on a lot. I pulled his cock even closer to
me and began to rub it over my tits, as I looked up and smiled
into Phil's eyes. "Ooooh you are one sexy bitch"
he groaned as his cock head snagged on my nipple. Then I heard
Jill at my side "stop teasing him Christy, kiss him
and do to him everything you said earlier!"

I stopped what I was doing and took a deep breath, as for the
first time that evening I was a little nervous about what
I was doing. I leant forward and pulled his cock to me. I then
gave him a gentle kiss on the tip. Jill then began to whisper
encouragement to me "kiss him again.....lick that
head....taste him.....slobber on him him a bit....feel
his wide and take him in....slowly".
And there I was, feeling Phil's balls and his cock was
right inside my
mouth. I was very tense to begin with and my jaw ached but
at Jill's prompting I relaxed so that it became more
comfortable. Phil then began nudging against my cheek.
Jill then reminded me to suck Phil. So I did, with my saliva
running down his prick. I was relly beginning to enjoy this.
"You're a natural honey" prompted Jill
at my side. I kept this up for quite some time and I also enjoyed
the feeling of Jill stroking my body and rubbing up against
me. Phil, held my head down there as he started to fuck my
mouth. But eventually he pulled my head up and away from
his meat. "If you don't stop now, Im soon going
to cum in yourmouth.....and I think we still have some other
business." I nodded in
agreement, the thought of his cock inside me was an exciting

Phil had a condom somewhere in his seat and ripped open the
and rolled it down over his cock. "Thanks" I
mouthed to Phil. I would have fucked him without, I was sooo
turned on, but was very grateful he'd taken the responsibility
away from me. He turned me away from him and grasped my boobs
tightly as I squatted over his hard cock. I looked up at Jill,
who smiled at me in encouragement, as she was playing with
her own clit, on that lovely naked pussy. Phil pulled me
down and I felt him at the entrance of my pussy. I was so wet
and still Phil pulled me down - and suddenly I could feel
inside me. "Wow" I couldn't help it. Still
I was pulled down until I was resting on his thighs with his
cock right up me. "How does it feel honey" whispered
Jill, who was now kneeling beside me. In answer, I reached
towards her and kissed her. "Fucking great!"
Phil laughed at that but Jill kept on smiling at me.

Then Phil began to move me up his cock - carrying my weight
by handling my firm titties in his hands. This time he let
me fall back onto his cock and there was a slurping sound.
I then started to push myself up his shaft again. This time
he pushed his hips up to meet me - and all of a sudden we were
fucking. Jill was
kissing me as time after time I rode Phil's lovely cock.
And then, Jill stood on the chair and thrust her bald pussy
at my face - "Come on honey, you owe me this one"
and I licked her juices the full length of her pussy. "See
I knew you'd enjoy sucking my cunt" - boy, was
I! As I bounced on Phil, feeling his cock swell inside me,
I pulled Jill closer to me. She was as wet as I must be, and
her taste was wonderful. But it was difficult for me to concentrate
as suddenly I could feel myself getting close to cumming.
As I halted licking her cunt, Jill roughly, grabbed my hair
and thrust my face into her pussy "you're not
going anywhere
bitch", this talk shocked and excited me. Then I heard
Phil's heavy breaths "come on baby, come on -
keep going..... I'm gonna cum". And then suddenly
I started to cum hard and I felt as if I was losing conciousness.
Jill let my head go and I thrust myself tightly down onto
Phil's lap, forcing him as high up me as I held him tight
inside me.

Eventually, I opened my eyes and I had such a smile on my face,
I leant to kiss Jill, who continued to whisper encouragement.
I felt Phil soften inside me and lifted myself up of his legs.
"Take it off him", whispered Jill, and I carefully
pulled the condom back over his cock. There was a lot of cum
inside, which was not surprising because Phil was still
panting heavily, He summoned just enough energy to pull
me close to him - "Did you enjoy it babe?" he asked,
"Of course I did, silly" was all I could reply.Exhausted,
I cuddled up between them and for a few minutes we sat quietly,
holding each other, as we were lost in our thoughts. I gently
touched Phil's softening prick, it was still big but
now flaccid, it felt silky and warm. "Wow!"
I repeated and I sighed with appreciation and then I began
giggle "I can't believe it". "Well,
it wasn't a dream" said Jill "and you were
wonderful. We're going to have so much fun. I hope you
didn't mind me talking as dirty as I did, I just got carried
away, with you licking my pussy". Again, I leant over
and kissed her and I told her "no, don't worry,
I liked it a lot - your swearing and licking your pussy. It
feels so good with no hair, as if it was made
for licking". Jill kissed me back and again the three
of us sat silent on the sofa, entwined in each other. Then
Jill surprised me "I'd love to shave your pussy
naked, and make it even more lickable - I'll do it for
you if you want" and without thinking I nodded agreement
- "I'd love you to".


Jill held my hand and led my into the kitchen. First she pulled
the blinds down "We don't need and audience,
do we hun?". Then she beckoned me to sit up on the breakfast
bar. "Now sit back and open those legs wide....don't
worry I'll be careful" she said while smiling
at me. Phil had walked in and given Jill a safety razor and
a facecloth and then walked around the back of the breakfast
bar and sat holding me. He whispered into my ear "enjoying
yourself?" to which I just leant back and gave him
a very big smile. He then started to gently fondle my tits,
which was great as I was concentrating on what Jill was doing.
Having washed my pussy with the facecloth she was now beginning
to shave my pussy bald. It was quite easy as I'd never
had a lot of hair down there. So it didn't take too long
before I was completely bald. Jill even went to the trouble
of holding a mirror so that I could see my naked pussy lips
and clit. Jill bent forward and gave my pussy a kiss and ran
her tongue lightly over my clit. "See how easy it is
now Christy. It turns me on to think that you'll be at
school next week with a shaven pussy under your skirt!...
It's so sexy.... I do hope you'll keep it like this...sometimes
I go out without any panties on and when the wind blows around
my skirt...I almost cum on the spot!" I was just murmuring
my agreement. I still felt overcome by the whole experience.
Jill suddenly exclaimed that she couldn't resist
my pussy any more and pushed my legs around so that I was lying
on the breakfast bar. Jill then climbed up and kneeled above
me....then all of a sudden we were 69ing. Her tongue was
lapping my
pussy and I reached up to run my tongue along her so wet cunt
(this is what she liked to call it) and over her clit. After
some very enjoyable minutes of mutual licking I felt Phil
climbing up onto the breakfast bar as well. He was kneeling
either side of my head and I could see that he was going to
fuck his wife and I was going to have the best seat in the house.
He was very hard again, and this time he was not wearing a
condom. They started to fuck fast and still Jill kept nibbling
at my pussy. This was exciting too - watching Phil and Jill
together like this. Eventually, the fucking got too much
for Jill and she leant backwards to concentrate on what
Phil was doing for her. The bad language started again "Fuck
me the little bitch what you can do.....oooh
yes you fucker....shove your cock hard up my pussy".
Phil was loving it and I was too. I could see Jill moving back
to receive his every thrust and I could sense that their
coming would be explosive. "Am I as tight as our little
slut?" Jill asked.
"Perhaps you'd like to fuck my ass-hole"
and then she began to cum...."Oooh my god, come on
Phil........" and it was obvious that Phil was nearly
there too. Suddenly Jill fell on top of me, shaken and exhausted
and panting very loudly. Seconds after I saw Phil thrust
very deeply into Jill's pussy and I could see him cumming.
After two shots he withdrew and suddenly two spurts of cum
had fallen on to my face. Although surprised I used my finger
to push the cum into my mouth and swallowed, deciding that
it was a taste, consistency and smell that I liked very much.
Phil fell forward onto Jill in exhaustion and I was at the
bottom of a very sexy pile. Phil's cock hung tantalising
in front of me, so I reached forward and took him into my mouth
and licked him clean.

We lay there for a while and then we cautiously climbed off
the breakfast bar. Jill and Phil both kissed me. "Look
at the time's nearly 1.30...we'll
have to get you cleaned up and home". It was Jill who
drove me home and I felt wonderful. "You remember
what we said about trust Christy?" I nodded. "I
think we all enjoyed ourselves tonight" "You
could say that" "I hope it will happen again"
"Ooooh so do I" I sighed. "But it may be
a few weeks, something to look
forward to I promise" she grabbed my thigh consolingly.
"Don't look so wouldn't enjoy
it quite so much if you came and saw us every
weekend!" And then I was home, I watched Jill drive
off and I walked into the house. Everyone was asleep and
I couldn't quite believe what I had done. I slipped
into bed and felt my pussy....hairless, wet, and hot...and
eventually fell asleep with a big smile on my face.

Over the next couple of days I would often daydream about
my evening with Phil and Jill. A couple of times Kelly and
Steph (my two best friends) would catch me gazing off into
the near distance. For a while they thought I might have
a boyfriend but I easily persuaded them that that wasn't
the case - Id be telling them everything if it were. And then
I remembered that I had games on Wednesday afternoon. And
games meant showers afterwards and showers meant that
everyone would see my naked pussy. Suddenly I felt worried...would
they all see what I had been doing....would they see me for
the slut I had been with the Greens."

On the bus home on Tuesday evening I started a conversation
with Steph.
We'd both talked about masturbation and ways to do
it. "Steph....Ive found a better way to do it!"
I whispered to her. "Do what?" "Cum....idiot!"
that got her attention. "Go on" "Well.....on
Sunday night....I shaved all my pubic hair off" "No!"
Steph was genuinely surprised. "Yes! In the bath....there
was a razor there....and I just thought I'd try....and
then I shaved all my pubes off" we both giggled. "What
does it feel like?" Steph asked "Really really feels
clean and you understand?" "Oooh
yes" "...and then I really came hard in the bath
because I felt so naughty". "Wow" said
Steph. "But we've got games tomorrow.....everyone
will see....Miss, Kelly.....Sasha and Ami...everyone!"
"I can see that problem" said Steph, not very
usefully. "Thanks for your advice!" "No
don't worry...perhaps you should just hang's
not as though you've commited a crime." "Perhaps
I should go sick?"

I was still worried the following morning....but as I got
to the bus stop I saw Steph standing there with a big grin
on her face...I misread it. "So you're looking
forward to seeing me embarrassed this afternoon?"
"No silly" she giggled and leaning towards
me she whispered "I've done it least
they'll be looking at both of us" I gave her a big
hug. "Thanks hun" "Don't worry about
it.....and besides I didn't do it just for
were is sexy and I came loads last night as well!"


All the same, we were both a little nervous at the end of our
soccer practice. We both volunteered to take the nets down
with Miss Bradley and we took longer than usual. Kelly had
run in, showered and changed by the time we arrived and she
left along with most of the other girls. Miss Bradley had
gone to the teacher's room (most likely to have a cigarette)
and after we undressed our muddy boots, socks, skirts and
shirts, there were only two girls left in the shower - Sasha
and Ami.

"We can't wait for ever" I told Steph. "But
I wish it wasn't the two of them....whatever are they
doing in there?" But we stripped off our
underclothes and with towels over our shoulders we strode
to the showers.

Now, Im not sure how or why Sasha and Ami have got the reputation
have. They seemed to revel in it as well, they werent really
friendly with anyone else. They didn't hang around
with the boys at the school and the only rumour Id heard was
that Ami had had an older boyfriend, nearly 30 and someone
had said that she and Sasha were so close that they shared
this boyfriend. I've no idea how true that was but they
were both known as sluts and that was that.

What I did know is that they were both very attractive. Ami's
mother was
Thai, I think, and she had inherited the oriental looks
but with big round brown eyes. She had wonderful shoulder
length hair that was expensively managed and she had normal
sized boobs, that were very pert and accentuated her petite,
perfectly-formed figure. I guess she was 5'4"
a bit taller than me. Sasha meanwhile was statuesque. I
think she was 5'10" and had really long shapely
legs and her boobs big but they looked at home on her sleek
well put together body. Her brunette hair hung down to the
small of her back and she seemed to have a permanent tan.
Although not as pretty as Ami, I could imagine that she could
have any boy, or man she wanted. Steph and I hung our towels
and walked into the communal showers. Sasha and Ami were
both there, talking and washing their bodies. I was immediately
turned on by the way the water and soap clung to their naked
beautiful bodies. Steph nudged me towards a spare showerhead.


"You two have taken your time" Ami called over.
"We were collecting the nets with Miss Bradley"
I replied "All the same you could have been quicker....we're
normally the last aren't we Sasha?" Sasha had
seen our hairless pussies. "I think they've
got something to hide" she informed Ami. Oh no, we're
really going to get it now I thought. I didn't know why
I was so ashamed.....that Id been turned on by the sight
of Ami and Sasha?...or by the possibility of everyone knowing.
Ami and Sasha walked towards us and brazenly we turned to
face them. "Look at little Christy and little Steph"
said Ami. "Not so little any more" said Sasha
with a big smile. This was a little confusing, not at all
what we'd expected. Ami then walked up to me and kissed
me on the cheek, she then whispered to me "Good going
girl!". I saw Sasha and Steph talking too, very friendly.


Just at that moment, Miss Bradley walked in. She was naked
as well and again I couldn't help but marvel at her full
womanly body. She was fit and athletic and her boobs were
huge. Certainly bigger than Sasha's. I couldn't
help but look at her pussy, as Id never really looked there
before. The hair was neatly trimmed and I could clearly
see the lips of her pussy. "What on earth are you two
still doing here?" "They were hanging back
Miss" Sasha replied for us "Because they didn't
want the other girls to see their new haircuts" Ami
stated but completely without malice. "I can see
their haircuts for myself" she said in a stern voice
but then her face relaxed into a smile "they suit you
both very well!" "Thanks"
we both murmured. "Now, ALL of you should get a move
on, people will begin to wander what's going on in here!"


After that we were through in record time. On the bus home
Steph and I couldn't stop wandering what all that was
about - from the friendliness of Ami and Sasha to the acceptance
from Miss Bradley. It was only once I was in bed that I realised
that Miss Bradley had only asked what Steph and I were still
doing in the showers - it was as if she was expecting to see
Sasha and Ami there. Imagining the three of them fucking
in the shower quickly made me cum that night.

The following week, Steph and I both felt more comfortable
about things and we showered along with all the other girls.
But this time we were surprised to see that both Ami and Sasha
now had shaved pussies. Four of us was a big talking point
but it made it seem more natural and less personal. The week
after a couple of other girls had also shaved theirs. Steph
quickly allowed her hair to grow back but I kept mine shaved.
It was fun and did make me feel sexy.

Sasha and Ami did begin to behave differently towards us.
They would smile and say hello, which they didn't do
to any of the other girls. Miss Bradley didn't change
at all and certainly did not act as if the meeting in the shower
had been a big deal. To most of the girls she was incredibly
hard, almost bitchy. But she was a good teacher and it seemed
as though I was in her good books..........



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