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I'm a single, 55 year old bachelor and work for a electrical
service company. I'm "on call" 24-hours a day, 360 days
a year (It's been my habit to taking three days off for my
birthday, Thanksgiving, Christmas). With a schedule,
or lack thereof, like mine, it's darn near impossible to
make plans to do anything. But this year I made a promise
to myself to get fit, to start working out on a regular basis.
Tonight's my first Arabic's class and I'm late. <br>
Friday's are always bad and today was no exception. Call's
all morning and a panel change in the afternoon. Things
never go as planed and everything takes longer than expected.
I finished the service change and got off the job at 8:20
p.m. My aerobics class starts 9:00 p.m. and I have just enough
time to get there and change, good thing I put my bag in the
truck this morning. <br>
I get out of downtown Sacramento and get on I-80 heading
East. Traffic is very heavy, but moving along at a good clip
and I think I'll get to the gym on time. I notice a car coming
up fast on the outside of me and the head lights are real dim.
As the car passes me, I notice the driver is a good looking
gal in sweats and looking for a hole in traffic to get to the
shoulder. I know that she's not going very far with no juice
and give her room to cut in. <br>
A hundred feet in front of me, all the lights on the car go
out and she's loosing power. I kick on my four-way flashers
and overhead ambur light bar, get on the PA system and tell
her to pull to the right shoulder as far as possible. I make
a traffic break for her and follow her off the Interstate
on to the shoulder. She stops her car on the wide shoulder
and I pull in behind her. I get out to see what I can do and to
make sure we will not get hit by oncoming traffic. <br>
As I approached the car, the driver got out and nearly knocked
me off my feet. She stood about 5' 4" and her hair was raven
black, cut in a short pixie. The white sweat suit she wore
did nothing to hid her curves. Her proud breasts stood high
on her chest like twin peaks, and her waist was tiny. Her
hips and taut ass were set on top of the longest, trimmest
legs I have ever seen. This gal, in her mid-20's was a walking,
talking wet dream. <br>
"Sorry if I scared you, but I had to get you out of that traffic
before some nut hit you." I said <br>
"Oh, yes, no. Oh . . Why me? Oh Oh " she replied, her whole body
shaking. <br>
I grabbed her by the shoulders and told her "Relax, your
not hurt and everything else can be handled. Take a couple
of deep breaths and relax!" She looked me square in the eyes
and took several deep breaths. Her whole body was trembling
so I held her shoulders tightly and keep telling to calm
down and relax. It took a minute or so, but she finally stooped
shaking. <br>
"Are you O.K. now?"
"Oh Yes!" She says in a sweet, calm voice. "Nobody but youwould let me get over, I've been trying for miles. What jerks!"
I let go of her and steep back and she is still looking deep
into my eyes. Her eyes are the darkest things I've seen,
very dark blue or brown, more like black and they sparkle.
I pull back a little more and look at her face. Well tanned,
thick eye brows that almost meet above her cute little nose.
Her lips are very full and moist, just begging to be kissed.
Her whole face is flushed. <br>
I look at her kind of sideways and say "God your cute when
your mad!" <br>
She broke up laughing, leaned back against the car, reaches
out and held on to my arm. "Why did you say that?" Still laughing.
"Well, I had to do something to cool you off! Your blood pressure
was going through the roof. I wish I had a mirror with me and
you could look at yourself" Then I started laughing. <br>
"Your the first man that ever wanted to cool me off!"
My face must have flushed, because she broke up laughingagain and I joined her.
"What happened to the car?" I asked.
"This loner has been nothing but a pain since I got it. Allthe lights went out and the engine died. I was hoping to make
it at least to class. Now I'm going to be late." She said.
"I've got a class myself at the 24 hour gym that I'm late for
too." <br>
She broke into a wide grin and said "That's where I'm going,
can you give me a ride?" <br>
"Sure" I said. "Lock your car and I'll leave a note for the
Highway Patrol." <br>
She got her stuff out of the car and locked it up while I wrote
a note, then we both hoped in the truck and headed for the
gym. On the way we made plans to met after our classes and
I'd take her back to her car and see if I could get it going,
if she couldn't get help from the garage. <br>
We ran into the gym with 2 minutes to spare and went our separate
ways. I got a locked and changed into my shorts, T-shirt,
and tennies. I ran into the assigned aerobics area and waited
for the instructor. It then dawned on me that I didn't even
get her name. <br>
Most of the class were very fit young men and it sure didn't
look like they needed to be there. All of them were trying
to get close to the platform and I was very happy to get in
the back row. <br>
Then she walked in! She had gotten rid of the sweat suite
and she now wore black Spandex tights with a hot pink aerobic
suit, thong cut, over them. The suit had a cutout in front
that went from the bottom of her tits to the waist. The back
was cut out from the waist to above the shoulders, leaving
a small piece of material between her firm buns and another
across her shoulder. This thing was stretched to the max.
and her pert nipples showed through. "My name is Lynda and
I'll be your instructor tonight. I want all the beginners
at the back and the more advanced up front." She then went
down the rows getting all the student's names. When she
stepped in front of me I said "Hi Linda, my name is Dave" and
gave her a big smile. She gave me a big smile, steeped forward
and shook my hand. "Hi Dave. It's a pleasure to finely meet
you." She then stepped back and looked me over again. I'm
6'2", 195# with brown eyes and brown hair with some gray
on the side and clean shaven. She gave me a approving look
and went to the front of the class. <br>
"We don't want to have anybody hurt themselves tonight,
so if you feel that I'm going too fast or too hard, step out
and relax, then rejoin when you feel up to it. I want all eyes
on me (as if she had to tell anybody) and if I point to you,
I want you to slow down. Any questions? If not we'll begin
with stretching." She got up on the platform, turned with
her back to us, spread her legs and bent over. The whole class
just stood there with their mouths open. "Don't look-do
it!" We all bent over and did our stretching and limbered
up. The front three rows were breaking their necks trying
to watch and look at the same time. Lynda then put on some
music and her portable microphone. For the next 45 minutes,
Lynda would have made a Marine Corp. Drill Instructor proud.
She worked us to a frazzle, but several times she pointed
me out and then proceeded to picked up the pace. When she
would slow down, she'd bring me back in. I was still glad
when the time was up. <br>
I went to the locker room, looking forward to a long, hot
shower, when the roof fell in. There was a note poster in
the locker room saying that due to remodeling, there would
be no water that night. I'd worked up a good sweat during
class and felt miserable. I changed into my work cloths
and went to find Lynda. <br>
The lobby was full of irate people and the staff was doing
their best to apologize for the lack of water. I found a bottle
water dispenser and fought my way through the crowd to get
some. I was on my third glass when someone whispered in my
ear. "Don't drink too much of that or you'll cramp." I turned
and starred into those black pools Lynda calls eyes. She
had her sweat pants on and the top was tied loosely around
her neck. She slipped her arm under mine, pulling my upper
arm into her breast, leaned over and whispered in my ear.
"Ready to go 'Lover'?" <br>
Most of the class overheard this and all I saw were open mouths
as Lynda and I walked out, arm in arm. <br>
We made it to the truck before Lynda went into hysteric's.
"Did you see the look on the faces. That was priceless.
They won?t stop talking for a month. Thanks Dave." <br>
"Your more than welcome Lynda."
"Hold it! It's Lynda in class, but Lynn to my friends . . .. . and lovers."
"Now that's ah . . . Ah . . nice!"
Lynn and I threw our gym bags in the back of my truck and I openedthe passenger door and gave Lynn my had to help her in. "Ahhh
a gentlemen too!" "Every chance I get, " I said. <br>
We drove to her car and found a CHP sticker by the note giving
use 24 hours to remove the car, or it will be towed. Lunn and
I laughed about this and I checked the car out. The battery
posts were corroded and the battery was dead. I fixed the
problems and got my jumper cables out to charge the battery.
This was going to take a while, so Lynn and I sat in the truck
with the heater running. <br>
We talked freely and found out about each other. We were
both divorced and liked a lot of the same things. I thought
Lynn was flirting with me, but in the dim light it was hard
to tell. Lunn still had not put her sweat suit top on, even
though it was chilly outside. I did enjoy the view. <br>
Things got quite for a while and then Lynn said to turn on
the inside light. I turned on the brightest overhead light
I had and Lynn was staring at me. <br>
"Do you like what you see?' Lynn asked as she untied the sweat
top and letting it fall over the seat back. She sat up and
leaned into the light, giving me a wonderful view of her
upper body. <br>
"God YES!" I said. "Why do you have to ask?"
"Did I embarrass you at the gym?"
"Not at all. You made me the proudest man in the place."
"Then why does everybody I get close to want to dress me in
baggy cloths, hiding my body and keep me home." <br>
"Because they are immature, insecure . They figure
that if they keep you covered up and out of sight, nobody
can take you away from them. They haven't figured it out
that they are driving you away from them. What's the old
saying - "You hold the one you love with an OPEN hand." I'd
dress you in cloths straight out of that Hollywood Lingerie
Catalog if I had the chance. But this is getting real deep.
Why are you asking me?" <br>
Lynn stared at me for a long while and then said "Dave, I feel
that I have known you for a long time and I feel very comfortable
just being with you. I can trust you." <br>
I was dumb struck and it took me a while to answer. "All I can
say is thank you!" <br>
Lynn leaned over the console, hug me and then a kiss on the
cheek. "Your very welcome. . . . . . . . .Lover!" <br>
We looked at each other for a while and then Lynn started
to squirm. "I feel all sticky and dirty, do you?" <br>
"I sure do. Let's see if the car is ready to go yet?" I said.
I got the car running and things looked O.K. I went back to
the truck to get Lynn's things when she opened the door and
asked. "Could you follow me home? I don't trust that loner
as far as I can throw it." <br>
I helped Lynn out of the truck and into her car. She said something
about a gentlemen and we just smiled at each other. She gave
me her address and off we went. It took about 20 minutes to
get to her house and it was in one of the better sections of
town. When we pulled into the driveway, she had to use a keypad
to open the big gates. We drove down a long driveway before
coming to a rather large house. She parked in the garage
and pointed for me to park under the breeze way. She came
bouncing back to the truck and we got her stuff out. She then
grabbed my gym bag and ran into the house. I went after her
and when I caught up to her I asked her what she was doing.
"I can't let my 'Knight in Shinning Armor' go home dirty
and hungry. Now you go take a shower while I do the same. Then
I'll fix you dinner." <br>
I looked at Lynn, shaking my head in wonderment.
"Follow me to your shower." She said in her best Drill Instructorvoice.
I followed her down a hallway and into a bedroom. "You'llfind all you need in there" pointing to the bath "and I'll
put these in the washer" she said as she disappeared with
my gym bag. I guess I had received my marching orders all
right and a shower did sound good. I looked around the bedroom
and the only furniture was a very large, four poster bed.
The thing could handle about four people nicely. No other
furniture besides two night stands. There was something
odd about the room and then it hit me. There were no doors.
None going to the hall or into the bathroom or the closet.
There were no hinges in the casing, so I guess doors had never
been installed. Oh well, to each his own. <br>
I went into the bathroom and stripped. There was everything
I needed, even a razor. I shaved and then hopped into the
shower stall. There was a door here and it had a clear pain
of glass in it. I let the hot water run all over my sore body,
Lynn had sure worked me over good in class. I soaped up and
was rinsing off when I heard Lynn yell that dinner was being
fixed. It sounded like she was in the bathroom and when I
looked out, all I saw a black robe disappearing out the doorway.
I got out and dried off, then reached for my cloths, but they
were gone. In their place was a black silk robe. I put the
robe on and it fit nicely, coming to about mid thigh. I then
went looking for Lynn. <br>
I wondered around for a while until I heard some humming.
I finally found the kitchen and Lynn. She was puttering
around the kitchen and I asked if I could do anything. She
pointed to the couch facing the kitchen and said "sit down,
relax and enjoy." She had on a robe just like mine and the
belt would not hold the robe together. I looked around the
room and the one funny thing, besides no door, was no curtains
on the windows. The whole place was decorated with nice,
comfortable furniture, very open and airy. The whole house
was very warm and I was beginning to perspire. <br>
"You very sore?" Lynn asked.
"I've found a few mussels that I didn't know I had, but notbad. I feel sorry for the rest of the class that did the whole
routine." <br>
"If those young studs want to ogle my body, they have a price
to pay! Besides, it keeps this 42 year old body in great shape
and sure does boost my ego." <br>
Lynn must of seen my mouth drop. She threw her shoulders
back, forcing her breasts forward, and striking a sexy
pose. "Didn't think I was that old, did ya?" <br>
"Not at all. I guessed about mid twenties. Boy was I wrong."
This brought a big smile to Lynn's face as she brought over
dinner. <br>
We sat on the couch, facing each other and had a light sea
food salad. While we ate, Lunn's robe keep sliding open
and she seemed not to notice or just took a long time pull
it back in place. Her exposed deep cleavage was getting
to me and I was glad to have the plate in my lap to cover-up
my growing problem. <br>
"You said in the truck that you'd dress me out of a lingerie
catalog if you could. What did you mean" Lynn asked as she
looked deep into my eyes? <br>
"You obviously spent a lot of time and effort on your physical
conditioned and it would be a crime to hide such a fine work
of art. The lingerie catalog have cloths that can do your
body justice. It seems to me that you take great pleasure
in your body and have a right to do what you want." I was looking
at her as I spoke and Lynn seemed to glow with pride as I spoke.
"I do like what my body looks like and I guess I'm a nudist
and exhibitionist. It's hard to find someone that can be
comfortable around me, male or female! The men want to cover
me up and the gals want to claw my eyes out. Can't win for loosing"
Lynn said with tears forming in her eyes. <br>
"The guys are stupid and the gals are envious, they don't
want to put in the effort. But that's their problem, not
yours!" I reached forward and lifted her chin so I could
look into her eyes. <br>
Lynn's eyes were filling with tears and she smiled at me.
"Thank you, Dave, you don't know how much that means." She
looked at the kitchen clock and then looked at me. "It's
getting kind of late, what time do you have to get up in the
morning.?" <br>
Tomorrow's my birthday, 48 thank you, and I'm taking the
next three days off." I said with a big grin. <br>
Lunn's eyes light up and sparkled. "You mean to tell me that
your birthday is in 15 minutes and you didn't tell me! What
do you have planned for that great day?" <br>
"Oh Not much, just kick back and enjoy my 'OLD AGE'."
We both laughed and Lynn lit-up as she gave me a big smileand said "Well, you wait here and I'll see if I can't find
you something for your 'Old Age' celebration." <br>
She took our dishes into the kitchen and put them in the sink.
I sure did enjoy the view as Lynn puttered around the kitchen
in her bare feet. She gave me a big smile as she blew me a kiss
and disappeared down the hall. <br>
I rearranged my robe and tried my best to cover my growing
bulge. <br>
A few minutes later I heard the click of high heel coming
down the hall long before I saw Lynn. She took my breath away.
She had on a stretch nylon lace teddisette in black. It was
stretched so tight it seemed like it was painted on. Thin
straps fell from her shoulders to the top of her firm tits,
then split to a very low back and split all the way down the
center. The center was held together with three small ribbons,
one below her tits, one above her belly button and one mid
tummy. The nylon was pulled apart between the ribbons,
leaving large open tear-drops of tanned flesh. From the
bottom ribbon to where it disappeared between legs was
no more than an inch. The thighs were cut very high, above
her waist, and wrapped around her back. She had on matching
stockings, fingerless gloves and 5" high, black heels
that caused her long legs to stretch taunt. <br>
Lynn stepped into the room smiling at me as she did a slow
circle, giving me a slow, full view from all angles. The
back was nothing more than a thin ribbon splitting her luscious
buns. Her whole body was tanned, unmarred with tan lines.
I sat there with my mouth open, not believing that anything
could look that good. <br>
Lynn walked over a stood in front of me, with her gloved hands
on her hips, her shoulders held back and her chest out. Her
body scent was intoxicating as I studied her glorious body.
Lynn smiled down at me and said "want to open your present
lover?" <br>
I reached for the top ribbon with trembling hands and untied
it. The lace parted and pulled back, exposing her firm tits
with their distended nipples. Lynn moved her right nipple
to my mouth and I sucked it in. "Oh Dave, I love having my tits
sucked!" I cupped her firm glob with both hands and sucked
her nipple deeper into mouth, using my teeth to lightly
bite her. Lynn groaned and pushed harder, then pulled away.
"I've got another tit that needs attention" Lynn said as
she moved her left nipple into my mouth. I sucked her delicious
nipple for a few seconds before Lynn pulled away again.
She leaned back a little and let me untie the second ribbon.
The lace pulled back some more and I undid the last ribbon.
The lace pulled back all the way, exposing her smooth, moist,
clean shaved pussy. The lace was on either side of the hairless
pussy lips, causing them to pull open and exposing her hard
clit. <br>
Lynn grabbed my head with her gloved hands and pulled me
to my feet. My robe fell open and lets my cock stand out. She
dropped her nylon covered hand down my chest and ran her
fingers through my chest hair. She ran her hands all over
my chest and then pinched my nipples with her fingers. I
groaned as Lynn gave me a long, deep French kiss, running
her hands under my robe and pushing it off my shoulders.
She then pulled our bodies together and squirmed all over
me. Her firm tits rolled all over my chest and my cock was
pinned between our bodies. <br>
Lynn broke the kiss and stepped back to look at me. She ran
her hands down my chest, playing with the hair. "I love a
hairy man" she said as she dropped her hands to my hairless
cock. She knelt down as she wrapped one hand around my shaft
and the other to cup my sack. "And I love a shaved cock even
more." Lynn opened her mouth and sucked my hard shaft in,
running her tongue all around my blotted cock head. She
lunged forward and sucked my cock head deed into her throat
and swallowed. She pinched the base of my cock to prevent
me from loosing it as her head bobbed up and down. <br>
My legs were turning to jelly when Lynn popped my cock out
of mouth, leaving a trail of her saliva and my pre-cum between
the head and her lips. "Let's get in bed, I need this inside
me" Lynn said as she got to her feet and wrapped her nylon
gloved hand around my wet cock. She led me down the hall and
into her bedroom. <br>
Her bedroom was twice as big as the one I had used earlier
and it didn't have any doors or drapes. The room was dominated
by a huge four poster bed with a canopy. We walked over to
the bed and Lynn had me lay down. As I got in the center of the
bed, I noticed that there were mirrors in the canopy and
all around the room, focused on the bed, so any action could
be viewed from many angles. Lynn noticed me looking at the
mirrors and said "I like to see . . . and be seen!" <br>
Lynn stretched her arms over her head, shaking her naked
tits at me and licked her lips. "I'm going to enjoy this more
than you could ever realize, Dave." Lynn pulled the straps
of her teddy over her shoulder and let it fall to her waist
and then pull it down her long, nylon encased legs, over
her heels and threw it to the floor. She left her stockings
and gloves on as she climbed onto the bed and let her high
heels fall to the floor. She crawled over to me, licking
her lips like a hungry cat, with a lustful look in her eyes.
"Just lay back and enjoy this night, Dave. Let me give you
this, let me do it all, let me explore your body, just tell
me what you want or enjoy and I'll do anything tonight, tomorrow
or for as long as you'll let me." <br>
Lynn straddled my legs above the ankles and lowered her
bare pussy down on my hairy legs. She rubbed herself on my
legs, letting her juices run all over. "Dave, I love sex,
I might even be a nymph. I'm a nudist, exhibitionist, bi-sexual
and very vocal. I love to give and receive pleasure, from
both sexes. I've got my lady lovers, all I want, but I can't
find a man that can understand my needs. I hope you're one
that can. It'll be a great time if you can." She stretched
out along my legs, her tits burning a hole in my thighs, her
nylon encased hands massaging my sides and her mouth attacking
my supper hard cock and balls. <br>
"Lynn, you're a wet dream come true. I've wanted someone
like you all my life and I can't believe your for real."
She planted kisses all along my shaft, sometimes using
her teeth to bite the sensitive shin, leaving small hickeys
along the way. "Is this real enough?" she asked just before
she sucked my pole into her velvet mouth. Her head bobbed
up and down, taking my whole cock deep into her throat.
"Oh lover, if you keep that up, I'll blow the back of your
head off" I groaned. <br>
Lynn pulled her mouth off my cock as she wrapped both nylon
gloved hands around my shaft. "The first time will be in
my pussy, lover" she said as she scrambled up and placed
the tips of my rod in her pussy lips. She used her hands to
guide my cock up to her clit and rubbed it up and down over
her hard little nub. She placed my cock head in her open slit
and placed her hands on my shoulders to steady herself.
"Just watch me sink my hot pussy onto that lovely hard cock
of yours" she gasped. <br>
I keep my eyes open and watched as she slowly, a millimeter
at a time, sank her velvet pussy over cock. Little by little,
she sank onto me and the feeling was exquisite. Her pussy
was so tight it almost hurt. When she was all the way down,
she used her pussy mussels to grip my cock in a milking motion.
"Oh you fill me so nice with that lovely, cock of yours."
I filled my hands with her firm tits and kneaded them, pinching
the nipples with my thumb and finger. "Oh, I love your hands
on my tits, harder, . . .HARDER!" she gasped. <br>
I jerked my hip up, burying my cock deep into Lynn?s pussy
as I felt my balls contract and shoot a massive load into
her pulsating pussy. This sent Lynn over the top and we were
both in a mind wrenching orgasm. <br>
I must have black out, because when I can to, Lynn was still
on top of me with my cock buried in her pussy. She was breathing
in slow, deep breaths and we were holding each other. I French
kissed Lynn?s ear and she began to stir. "Lady, you are one
fantastic woman" I whispered in her ear. "I've never had
sex like that." "You haven't seen anything yet, we've got
all week-end" Lynn whispered back. <br>
Lynn started to hump my softening cock and brought it right
back to life. I reached down and held her firm ass cheeks
with my hands and slowed Lynn's motion. "We've got all the
time in the world sweetheart, so lets enjoy a slow screw"
I said. Lynn wouldn't slow down and before we knew it, we
were slamming into one another at lightning speed. We both
went over the top together, again. We just couldn't get
enough of each other and stayed together until the wee hours
of the morning. <br>
I awoke with a tingling feeling in my cock. I looked down
and found Lynn between my legs sucking my cock. When she
noticed that my eyes were open, she slipped my cock out of
her mouth and said "Good morning lover. You sure do taste
good in the morning." She popped my cock back into her mouth
and keep sucking. I lay back and enjoyed the sight I had in
the overhead mirror. I clasped her bobbing head with my
hands and fucked her mouth. Lynn used her hands to fondle
my shaft and balls and massage my whole groin. I felt my balls
contract and I shot my load down Lynn sucking mouth. She
swallowed every drop and licked my shaft clean. "Oh your
cum tastes delicious, I could drink a gallon of it." <br>
I pulled Lynn up to me so we were laying side by side and we
kissed. I ran my hands all over her body as we kissed and Lynn
was doing the same to me. The morning light was streaming
in through window as we explored each other. I broke the
kiss in order to look at this dream come true of a woman. Lynn
lay back and smiled as I ran my hands over her body. "I love
having you here, Dave. You do marvelous thing to me and I
hope I can return the favor." <br>
"I'm the one who should be returning the favor, you drove
me out of my mind last night. It's going to take a month or
two to top that." <br>
Lynn pushed me on my back and rolled on top of me. "Lets get
a shower and some breakfast, you can't make love all day
without some food." she said as she crawled off the bed.
I followed Lynn into her sunken shower, or should I say small
swimming pool. The thing was huge. A tub/shower combination
that was so big it didn't need doors on it. There were three
shower heads on the wall and a tile bench. Talk about extravagance.
Lynn got the water running and I used my bare hands to soap
her whole body while she was doing the same to me. I used my
chest to 'scrub' her chest and we were both laughing like
idiots. I ran my hand down her stomach to her bare pussy and
made sure she was especially clean. Her breathing was coming
in short gasps as I work on her and rinsed us off, then guided
her over to the bench. I sat her down as I knelt between her
splayed legs. "Now I get to eat the beautiful pussy of yours."
Lynn grabbed my head and pulled me up to her lips for a quick
kiss. "I hope I taste as good as you do" Lynn said as she guided
my mouth to her shaved pussy. I dove in with gusto, loving
the feeling of my lips on her ?lips?. I ran my tongue up and
down her slit, collecting her nectar all over my face and
tongue. I locked my lips around her stiff clit and Lynn groaned
her approval. I held her clit gingerly with my teeth and
wiped the tip with my tongue. "I love it, love it, don't stop,
don't stop" Lynn whiled as I slipped two fingers in her hole.
She pulled my face tight against her pussy as she flooded
my mouth with her cum. She tasted delicious. <br>
She held me tight against her pussy until her orgasm subsided
then pulled me up and kiss me. She licked my face and French
kissed me until I was clean of her cum. I pulled my fingers
out of her pussy and tried to lick them, but Lynn wanted her
share too. We both cleaned my fingers. <br>
I had Lynn lay down on her back on the bench and I crawled on
top of her and filled her pussy with my hard cock. "That cock
of yours just wont stay down" Lynn groaned. "Not with a fantastic
pussy like yours around" I hissed. I rested my elbows on
the bench so I could watch Lynn's face as we fucked. Her eyes
were closed and she threw her head from side to side, biting
her lower lip. She wrapped her legs around mine and we slammed
our bodies together. I was able to grab her head with my hands
and kiss her sweet lips. "Tell me what it feels like" I hissed.
Lynn's eyes flew open as she said "My pussy's on fire, cram
me full of that wonderful cock. I just can't get enough of
it. FUCK me harder! HARDER!!! <br>
I slammed deep into her and stopped. I ground my pelvis into
her clit and she kept humping as best as she could. "Please
fuck me. My clits burning. I need your cock. OH Please more
cock." she pleaded. She ran her hands down to my butt and
gripped them with all her might. I couldn't stay still any
longer and I began to stroke her pussy again. We got our rhythm
back and slammed our pelvises together again and again.
Our dam's burst and we rocketed to the moon together. <br>
When we came back to earth, the water was still running.
We got up and washed each other again, rinsed off and dried
each other. <br>
"You're as big a sex maniac as I am" Lynn teased as we went
into the bedroom. <br>
"You both better cool it for awhile or you'll fuck each other
to death!" said the nude curvaceous Oriental doll changing
the sheets of our love nest. She stood maybe 5' tall in her
bare feet and maybe 95#. Her lovely oval face was framed
with long, silky, raven black hair that fell down her back
to the bottom of her cute ass. Her almond eyes were two pools
of liquid black, with a little nose and large, pouty, luscious
lips. For such a small girl she had remarkably large, firm
breasts, with a tiny waist, a jutting ass with long, trim
legs. Her dark skin showed no tan lines and her pussy was
baby smooth. <br>
"Hi Tina! When did you get here?" Lynn asked as she went over
and kissed Tina on the lips. <br>
"This morning. And from the way you two were carrying on
in the shower, I wouldn't of got much sleep if I came in last
night" Tina said with a big grin. <br>
"You could have joined us and had a ball or two." Lynn remarked.
"Tina, this is Dave. Dave this is Tina, better know as ?Rabbet?".
Tina came over and gave me a big huge. Her body felt wonderful
and she wore a very provocative perfume. Tina stood on her
tip-toes and planted a long kiss on my lips. "Any lover of
Lynn's is a lover of mine. That didn't come out right, or
did it?" Tina giggled. Lynn just broke up laughing. <br>
"Come on you two, breakfast is ready on the patio" Tina announced.
She wrapped her arm around my waist and Lynn joined us on
my other side and off we went. Lynn dropped her hand down
to fondle my butt as we walked out to the patio and Tina followed
suit. <br>
The patio was enclosed in glass and had a clear cover. It
might be cold outside, but inside it was warm. Tina brought
out some fruit, scrambled eggs, toast and juice. Lynn and
I wolfed our food down and Tina said "Wonder why you two are
so hungry this morning?" Lynn and I looked at each other
and answered in unison "Cause we fucked our brains out last
night." This put a big smile on Tina's face and a sparkle
in her eyes. <br>
The gals cleaned off the table and were laughing and giggling
the whole time. I laid down on a chase lounge, enjoying the
warmth of the sun on my nude body and I must have dozed off,
until Lynn came back. <br>
Lynn came out dressed in white spandex leggings, a large,
baggy sweater that just covered her ass, ankle warmers
and tennis shoes. For being dressed, she sure did look sexy.
She stood right beside the chase lounge and said "I have
to run into town and take care of some errands. Tina has volunteered
to give you a massage to relieve the pain from your 'work-out'."
"Which one?" I asked as I ran my hand up the inside of her legs
and I found out that the leggings ended just above the bottom
of the sweater, leaving herself exposed to my groping hand.
"Both of them silly!" Lynn leaned down and gave me a kiss,
running her hand down my stomach and fondled my cock. "Both
you and Tina are my lovers and I know that you two wouldn't
run off on me. So have fun with each other until I get back
in a few hours and then we can all have fun together. Love
ya!" She gave me a quick kiss and then she was off. <br>
To be continued
Later, Rackets1369



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