That time of month even for an amazon.

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As I am not a professional writer please for give any grammar mistakes in my story’s. I run the spell checker but with my spelling even it can’t come close sometimes. If you read the line in context you will be able to figure it out. I write for the story not for the grammar.

I hate blind dates! How could I let myself be talked into this? Maybe she’s not home? O-whell lets ring the door bell.

Did you ever have one of those moments when you could think of the events of the past two week in just a few seconds? That is what I had from the time I rang the bell till she answered the door, maybe only a minute or so but it seemed like a year.
This all started two weeks ago when talking to a friend, I was compiling about how my sex life was nonexistent except for what I could do for myself. It seems that my wife never wants sex, why it started only after a year we got together. At first it was fine but after she new that she had me the sex went down hill fast. After eight years I am lucky to get it twice a year, and that is only after begging for it. My friend said Yea that rely sucks. When you get the “mercy fuck” it no good, just gives them a chance to say well didn’t we just do it? You know I may have a way of taking care of you problem. Let me get back to you.
After about a week I got a call from him. I may have your problem solved at least for one night. A friend of mine knows this woman who wants a man for a “one night stand” as she does not go out to bars and such, she can never meet any one to fulfil this fantasy. So we got to talking and set you up for this Fri. night. If it works out let me know.
How could I not think about this! This has to be what ever guy wants. One night, no strings, go on your way, and the best part she wants it that way to. All week this is all I could think of. I was torn, was this Wright, wrong, but she wanted it this way to. Do I go, do I stand her up. I can’t call, part of the deal was no personal info exchanged until we meet.
All week instead of taking care of myself in the bathroom in the morning my showers were done in no time, I did however work a little harder with the pump than normal. Some people say that pumps don’t work but after using mine for only a month I could see a change. I was getting thicker and more solid and seemed to gain about an inch. To bad the wife would not be able to notice but a least it wont go to waste (I hope).

She open the door. She look great. Tall about 5’9 hardy build sweet smile and tight jeans and a cut off top. We both kinda look each over for a few seconds Luckily she spoke first.

Hi I’m Sue are you Bill ?

Hi. yea I’m Bill. A>>m A>>mm Are you embarsed as much as I am?

I don’t thank you could be any more so than me. Come on in lets sit and talk.

As I passed her in the doorway I notice that she was not wearing any make up, the red on her cheecks was from the embarrassment. I handed her the box of sweets I stopped to get.

I know this is corny but I felt I had to bring something.

Oh that sweet. I really love these type of gummy worms and hard candy.

That’s great. I just thought choc. and such would be to much. I didn’t know if you like to drink or not. I just didn’t know what to do.

This is just fine. I love the sugar rush, after I work out I will eat a whole hand full of these and do my house work and not tire out. Oh I do like to drink, Whine is my fav. but just about anything will do. All I have in the house is whine right now, can I get us some?

Shure that sounds great. As she left to get the whine she pointed to the sofa for me to sit. As I sat down and watched her go into the kitchen and fix the whine, I could see what she meant about working out. As she moved the different muscles stood out and relaxed showing that there was a lot of woman in there. She came back into the room and asked if white whine was ok with me and I said yes, I got a good look at her. She moved with a bounce in her step but her breasts did not bounce. Full as they were and as big as they were with no bra her great toned body seemed to be cut out of stone. This was having a great affect on me as I could not believed this fit well endowed Playboy center fold of a woman could want to spend the night with me!
She handed me the glass of whine and said. “I see that you are just as glad to be hear as I am to have you.” looking at my lap. I glanced down and saw what she meant. I though to my self, the pump really works!
Sorry. Its just watching you moving while getting the whine I could not help but be turned on by you body.

Thanks. Most guys are turned off with a woman who works out to the point that I do. As you can see I love to go to the gym and work up a sweat every day. I hope it does not turn you off that I could be stronger than you.

No not at all. In fact I have always wanted to be with someone with your build. It’s a real turn on to think....... Oh you don’t mind talking about this? Do You?

Not at all, go for it!

Well I have always had this dream of being with a woman that I did not have to be so gentle with. Not that I am in to right stuff or any thing like that! It’s just the way I have been brought up, to be easy with a woman, not to harm her. I would give anything to be in the heat of the moment and pound with every thing I have got. Not the be gentle, lift almost complete off of her and not feel anything. To be hugged so hard that any harder could break a rib, but any less would be to little. And if the “stories” are true about these woman, she could flip us over and give back the same as she got AND ask for more!
I hope I did not get to carried away for you

Nu... Nu.. No,, That was fine.

She answered with her mouth haft open and a look of wonder on her face. She gulped her now haft empty glass of whine and asked if we wanted any more. I drank mine and handed her the glass.

Sorry I was out of it for a sec. but it’s so nice to finally meet a man who loves a strong woman for what she is. (As she filled our glasses) I can’t beleve that you just described the one dream that I always wanted to come true. You see working all day most times six days a week then going to the gym every night, I never get to meet the right type of man. The ones in the office are so into themselves and there cars and what not that I scare them. If I even look a little strong they stare making remarks. You know, mucho bullshit, I am not the piece of fluff they want hanging from there arms. I could probley twist it off and beat some sense in to them with it! And the guys at the gym, well, eather they are total 96 pound wimps that want a mommy not a woman. Or they are so into being so bulked up that any thought of woman draining them of there precious man juices scared them to death. So you see what a turn on you are for me. And I can’t wait to see if you are as good as your boost??? Does that scare you

Not at all. In fact I can’t wate to see all of your muscles in action

Great! look at this then.

She pushed up her sleeve and started to flex her biceps. As she flexed it each time it got a little bit bigger (and so did and bigger. then she held it up and keep it hard. It was like a picture you see in books the perfect muscle hard and so big it seemed to want to jump off the arm. She looked over to se the tent in my lap and smiled and relaxed her arm.

You haven’t seen nothing yet!!

She reached down and with one hand pulled her top off and flung it across the room. Standing up she shook her breasts and licked her lips and smiled. Then leaned over a little and did one of those Hulk posed with both fits coming down on the side and the chest held tight, and stomach ripped. This was incurable. I have never been turned on so much in my life. Just the site of the woman and yes with those huge firm globs she was all woman. Standing and flexing for me, I started to all most “cum”
I guess she saw the small wet stop on me and stopped.

Sorry I do tend to get carried away when I get into showing off. I hope that little spot is not all you got?

Oh that is nothing. One of the biggest complaints I get from woman (“That is both of them I’ve had ha ha” that I last to long. Both of them said the same thing “Will you hurry up and cum already I’m tired.”

Well that’s the one thing you wont hear from me. In fact the men in my life have always said that I take to long and that I drain them to much. So It sounds like we are a good match, needing it as much as we both do.

Sounds good to me

But before we go any further... there is a problem.

What? You like woman better?? or something??

NO! NO! nothing like that. It’s just .. well.. I had no way of calling you to postpone out little “date” . It’s not that I don’t want you or any thing like that.. It’s just its ...well.. that time of the month for me.


Oh don’t worry I’ll still take care of that tent you have going there. It’s just it may not be in the way you had hoped for. I promise that we will get together in about a week and I will make it up to you. If you can handle me that is?

Is that all! Just that? Humm... you know we should not let that stop us.

You mean it? do it now? But how.

You never done it during that time of the month?

Well no. I was all ways told by the guys I’ve been with that they could not stand it. In fact in my upbring I was told to stay away from men during this time. That this was the ”dirty” part of being a woman, that no man should see me then.

You know that seems to be the general way of thinking in our culture. But when you think about it is all wrong. Now I’ve only had a chance to do it once, and that was an accident. She was early that time and as soon as she saw what was happing she ran for the bathroom. Leaving me to finish myself. After that it became just another excuse, that “not now it may be to close for me.”

What a shame. But it sounds like most of the woman I know “including me” think that way.

Well if you are up for it we can still get it on. I for one would love to have you right now. As you can see I’m “up” for anything right now.

You aren’t turned off by the mess or smell?

Actually no.

You aren’t just saying that. Not to offend me.

No no. As I said only once did I have a chance to try it and was cut off before starting. It did however give me a long time to think about it. I had not been that excided for a long time as I was that night. I didn’t know why at first but as I laid there waiting and wondering it came to me.


Think about it. We are after all animals, we have male an female, we reproduce the same way, the female gives milk to the young, and so on. It’s just that we are to smart for our own good sometimes. We were clothing to hide our bodies from each other. We were perfume and cologne to hide our own orders. We go all hell to find a mate instead of just taking one that is ready.

Go on this sounds good.

Have you ever taken notice how animals find a mate. In the wild or even our pets.

I never though about it much.

Ok take our cats for an example. When the female goes into “heat” what would be that time of month for her. Every male in the hometown comes around. She can’t wait and will try to get out by every means possible to get as much as she can. Now how do the males know? Buy the smell. No covering up with other sents or clothing. And how does the female react. Well with all that wetness she can’t get enough, and lets the male know in to uncertain terms. Ever hear or see them go at it.

Oh yes, the one in my back ally keeps me up all night with screaming and then calling for more. In fact now that you mention it I remember once about a year ago throwing water on them to break it up so I could get some sleep, and thinking as I saw them go at it tooth and nail, wow that must be the way to go. Going all out giving everything you got and wanting more.

That’s what I am talking about. That is what happen that night. I did not know at the time but the smell and the added hot juices were turning me on to no end. And I think that is what is happing now. Even though you are possibly wearing some protection the smell as faint as it is, is turning me on to no end.

Well I can see that you are turned on ok, and if you are really “up” for it we could give it a try.

“try..there is no try.. there is do or not do.. there is no try..”

That’s the worst “yoda” I ever herd! but yes, we will do. I’m not sure how but I’m up for anything.

That’s great. The only thing I won’t be able to do that I was looking forward to was to eat you out until those legs squeeze my head like there was no tomorrow. I take it your legs are as in as good as shape as the rest of you.

Oh yes! They are my strongest part. If you really do love to eat me then count on another date in about a week. I only have had that once after forcing the guy into it, and loved every minute of it.

I can’t wait till then. As the old saying goes “If I tell you have a great looking pussy would you rub my face in it?”

Oh all night and all day!!


But how are we going to do this now. Maybe I should put some plastic under the sheets? You’ve got me wetter than I can ever remember.

I’ve got an idea if you are willing to try.

Give to me!

As she straddle me on the sofa and put her legs behind me I explained. We could do it in the shower. That way any mess could easily be cleaned up.


As she squeezed her legs around my back pulling herself down even tighter on my bulge. I just hope you don’t mine working up a sweat.

Honey I can work up a sweat all night long, just as long as you can work that up.

She said as she pounced up and down, driving me even harder. Thank god for that pump it was going to pay for it’s self tonight!

We went into the bathroom holding and half carring each other. It luckily it was a small room with only one window with a good shade. Hold on for a minute I said. Breaking away from her I closed the window and pulled the shade. I closed the door and turned on the water to all hot on the shower.
You don’t mine a little steam do you?

This is going to be great! Finely a man who thinks he can take all I can give, and loves to sweat as much as I do.

As it was a hot summer night to start with the steam would not take long to build. We got undressed and when she took off her jeans I saw the most excellent set of legs that you could imagine. Strong and long, not over developed but on the verge of being so. Oh how I longed for those to wrapped around my head as I ate until I passed out from the pressure of her orgasm. Her abs were to die for, what you call a six pack but with a look of a woman not a man. She was watching me as well. Not that I am in any great shape, a few extra pounds some love handles, but not hanging over my belt as a lot of men have. As my work is physical not sitting at a desk I had some muscle of my own under the fat. She saw my proud 7” and licked her lips and went mmm.. mmm.. mmm..

I knew you were big, but man did those pants hide a lot. Mind if I see just how hard you are?

I just smiled.

She reached down and gently squeezed me. My you are hard.

If you try a little harder I think I can be even harder.

All right! Let me know if it hurts?

As she tighten her grip I could fell myself become rockhard.

Oh yes what a man! Want more???

Give me all that you got!

Ok baby!

With that she went behind me and reaching around with both hands took hold with a double grip. Pulling me into her with her breasts tight on my back, her moist wet pussy tight on my rear, her hands squeezing tighter on my cock, all I could do is mone out.
Oh yes! Oh yes! OH YES!!

Ok now it’s my turn.

I turned around the same time she did and returned the hold. Placing my right hand just on her hare line and with an open palm started to squeeze and massage. Placing my left hand across and under her breast I lifted up both but she was so toned that they barley moved. At the same time I fingered her right hard nipple. Pushing my rock hardness between her ass, and my open mouth on her shoulder started to tongue her up to her neck.

Oh yea! Oooo yea! Oh yes!

With that I bent backwards and pulled he just barely off the floor.

Oh Oh! Oh!!!

Now reaching down with my middle finger I started to stroke the top of her woman hood.

OH! OH!! OOOO...!!

She spread he legs farther apart, and tighten he glut muscles on my hardness in return.

More! MORE!!

The tighter she pulled her ass on me the further in went my finger, and the further back I leaned. She reached up and grabbed my hair with both hands putting her arms tight on my head and flexing tight. I pulled as hard as I dared not to hurt her with my left arm and sunk my right finger all the way into her.


She started kicking and twitching and pulling her self up straight. It was all I could do to keep from being pulled over by those incurable ab muscles, glisting with the sweat of pure joy. The more she pulled the more I pulled and shoved into her.

AG! AUG. AUHHH!! AUHHHHHH......!!!! UH!! UH!! UH!!!!

With that she kicked and twitched in unison and then>>>

eeeeeeeeeeeeeeUA!!! eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeUA!!! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA............. OH YEA OH YEA OH YEA.

>>> I felt the wetness of her pent up woman hood escape with the furry of a volcano on my finger and run in my hand. The HOT HOT juices on my hand coupled with the now sweet smell of love were all most driving me over the edge.

OH!!! OH!! OH! Oh! oh! oh... wow

I let her down easy on the floor and gentley removed my hand from her.

Oh god that was great! oops better clean off your hand. I will get the floor later.

I rinsed my hand in the sink and asked her to turn off the shower as it has done its job. The sweat was just dripping and running off us by now.

I can’t beleave what you just did with only your hand’s. I hope I didn’t hurt you when I started pulling. I just could not help my self.

I’m fine. This was a great way to warm up. Are you felling as loose as I am?

Oh baby if this is just the warm up I can’t wait until we get HOT! I’m glade I did not hurt you it seems you can take on a strong woman after all.

Stepping into the tub I said. Why don’t you come hear and see just how much I can take??

All right but remember you asked for it. How do you want it??

Why don’t you give me a big hug and we can see. We were both in the tub now and she put both arms around me. The sweat made our bodies slippery and easy to move next to each other. She hugged me a little tight.

Is this what you had in mine?

Sort of. Put you hands a little lower in my back and pull up slightly. As she did this her breast’s pressed tight into me making me super hard again.

I see! want a little tighter ??

You can’t squeeze tight enough for me!

Oh you think so!

Yea. There is now way I could give in with breast’s like those pushing me.

These little things? Why you don’t have to worry about them, it’s the muscle underneath that will make you give. SEE!

With that she flexed her chest muscles and pulled me tighter. It felt like two softball with nipples were being pushed in to me in a vice. It was fantastic, I could feel both of there hardness and the muscle under them at the same time.

How was that for a little terse big boy. And I do mean BIG.

Oh that was great. Could you make a fantasy come true for me?

Depends, what you want?

I have always wanted to be hugged like this by a strong woman until eather I passed out or gave up. Although giving up is not what I really want.

Sounds like fun. I say you give up.

Ok lets see just how strong you are. I dare you to do it three times in a row with out letting go.

You mean make you give up three times straight?

No I mean put my lights out if you can.

All right but what do I get if I do it.

You get to name any part of your body you want any part of my body to do what ever you want for as long as you want.

Hmm.. And if I don’t

You have to give me a fill body massage using nothing but you breast’s.

Sounds good you ready??

Lets go. She starting squeezing me tighter and tighter. It felt fantastic. She moved her hip in tight to mine and reapplied her grip. I though I was in heaven. This woman was every thing I ever wanted. Those big firm breast’s being push into to me like there was no tomorrow. She was making me so hard, the sweat was poring off of us, her hot wet pussy started to drip with her womanhood and the sent oh what sent! It was to much. I started to rub her pussy with my rock hard disk, moving as much as I could, reaching around her back for more leverage. I must have been in the right spot for she responded by increasing the pressure and started to rock with me. She was sweating more than ever now and breathing heavy. With ever breath her grip tighten more, her chest muscles stood out more, and I lost some of my breath. She could tell I was going for she turned it on big time.

Do.. you... give..


I... said... GIVE!

With that she gave me the biggest squeeze yet. NO!! NO! no! no............

Well how did you enjoy you little nap?

She did it. As the cobwebs cleared I found this was not a dream. I was still in the arms of the most beautiful woman I have ever met. It was clear that I was not out long for she was still breathing heavy an hard.

Catch your breath and we can try this again. If your game?

Oh I’m game all right.

Good. Cause I loved the way you tried to get out of my hold by trying to fuck me. To bad you gave up so soon I was close.

Well this time my dick will show your pussy who is the better.

Brave talk for some one who is about to go to sleep!

Why don’t you try!


She started to apply the pressure again, only this time she had a lower grip and pulled up more on my back causing me to be in a better position to get in her pussy. As she started to pump I got all my hardness back in no time. This time I was in her even better but not as deep as I wished. This time we both new what to expect from the other and did not hold back. The harder she squeezed the more I push into her.

You.. ready.. to.. give..

I.. don’t.. think.. so.. with every word I tighten my hold on her back trying to push in even farther. It started to work!

Oh.. oh.. OH!.. OH!!!....

Yes... Yes!... YES!!...

OH!!!!!!....... NO!!!!!....... YOU!!!!!..... DON’T!!!!!!!!!!!!!!......

The last word I herd was don’t for she pored in on using all her strength to keep from cumin and to make me not cum. This time when I came to my arms were down at my side and there was some pain in my ribs but it quickly went away. We were both breathing a lot harder than before, and the sweat just ran off of us.

Wow that was intense.

I’ll say.

Just look at the way we are sweating. I never get this good a workout in the gym.

If we ever get the gym to ourselves maybe this would look like a warm up.

My but arn’t you sure of your self.

It seems to me I was not the one to stop the other from cumin.

It was to soon, I still want some more, and I need you hard.

What do you think. I’m a one shot wonder. I told you I never had a woman keep up with me. I know I’m good for at least three if not more per night! Do I make my self clear? As I said this I was recovered enough to shove into with my hips hitting the target, for ...

Ouu!! Ok! Big man. and I do mean big!


Lets see if you can take it with out me holding back. ERRRRrrr....

OOOOO.... As she said errrr she pushed me in hard and ground agance me. Up down side to side. Dame this woman was hot, and making me hotter. On the last side to side she could tell I was ready because I almost stopped her by just Pushing back with my now super hard dick!

All right no nap this time your going to give!

She started to slowly squeeze again but then after we got in a better Poisson, she started to jerk Instead of the slow steady pressure like before she was pumping me in and out. Oh this felt great. I started to respond by jerking back at her. As soon as she saw that I was all right with this she went even harder. Then I pushed harder. In no time we were giving the other all we could with out falling over.

Your... not.. going... out... this... time...

I’ll... wake... YOU... when... I’m... done....

Oh.. Oh.. No!... You!!... WONT!!!!....

Oh.. Yes!... I!!.... WILL...........






KKKKKKKKKKK........ UUUUUUUUUU....... UUUuuuuuoooooo......

Do!... You... Give?.......


Allright.... you .... asked.... for... IT!!.....

With that she keep on jerking me into her picking up the pace from were it dropped from our orgasm’s. I could not feel what the rest of my body was doing but mt dick felt great. I became super hard again never loosing all of it in the first place.

I... don’t... beleave.. you...

I... am... more... man... than... you... can... handle...

We’ll ... see... about... that....





OH!!!..... YES!!!!!!!!......

UUUU....... This was it! Giving it all I had. I had to last. If I came before her I would have to give, and I was not going to let that happen!

AUGGGGGGGGG!!!!!!! AUGGGGGGGGGGG!!!!!!!!!!!!! OOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!! EEEEeeEEeeEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!! UMP!!.. UMP!!.. ump!! ump!! um...

Oh yes she came and now she is pasted out in my arms, I won. Victory in mine... MINE.... MINE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OH!!... OH!!.. OH! oh!.. It felt good to be the one standing this time. Allow not standing by much. Her hands came apart and dropped by he side, her head was tilting back and she was breathing hard and short. Soon she started to breath long and deep. She open her eyes and saw that I was holding her.

Oh wow. I never came like that before. Your the best.

She stood up straight and put a lip lock on me that all most put my lights out again. After a few minutes we broke the lock WE both felt something hot on our legs. Looking down we discovered that as I finally pulled out of her all the pent up juices came running out.

Oh I’m so sorry. That’s all full. And the smell. O geese..

Don’t worry. I said as I rubbed my haft limp dick in the now total wet pussy. This is what It’s all about.

Oh you are so understanding.

So tell me what was going to be you prize?

Oh nothing much, (he,he) I was going to make you give me a sponge bath with the sponge tied to you dick.

Maybe next time?

Oh yes we will do this again.

I hope so in-a-bout a week, when I can eat until you drop.

Until I drop?

And then some!

Sounds like a rematch to me.

Great. What do you say to a nice cool shower. I’ll wash your back you wash mine, and then we can move on to more interesting parts.

Fine my me.

The cool water felt good after all the sweating we did. The shower head was one of those pulsating ones with the hose, so I took it and sprayed her from top to bottom. Rinsing off the residue from her legs. Then I handed it to her. She spraid me in much the same way but took her time on my balls. Next I put it back on the holder and turned it down to low. The water barley came out just a small stream. She looked puzzled. Don’t worry just turn around. Taking the soap I started to workup a good lather and apply it to her back.

Oh that feels good.

Feels good on this end to. I quickly applied some to her tight ass then to my chest and dick. Pulling her to me I reached around and started to work on those incurable abs.

Mmmm.. oh yes that is great. Know what I can’t beleave is that I don’t have any cramps at all! I’ve heard stories about how woman who will have sex just to get rid of them, but until now I didn’t beleave them.

So glad you fell that good. I’m just glad to get a good feel. As I pushed in and around on that six pack.

I spend a lot of time on my abs. I think they are my best part. Want to fell just how strong they are?


Ok then. make a fist and hit me right hear.

She guided my hand right to the middle of her abs and I could feel them get rock hard.

Go on.

I reached out and hit her but not very hard.

Yes that’s the spot now go on.

This time I hit pretty hard but my fist just bounced off, and she didn’t even flinch.

Come on you can do better than that.

I gave her a shot as hard as I could. But from this angle it was hard to put any power in it.

Oh come on! Use two hands if you want but do something!

As she spoke she reached up and put her arms around my neck and push her ass in hard on my dick. She flexed her biceps on my head. wow.

Making two fists I started to beat on her with all I had. It was like hitting a brick wall. My fists just keep bouncing off not even moving her one bit. What a woman rock hard abs rock hard ass and one red hot pussy. It was incurable I started to get hard again. She must have felt it because she pushed even harder into me and tighten her ass around my now hard cock.

Mmm.. I may have hard abs but you are hard were it counts.

I stopped my hitting and just pulled with all I had on those abs pushing her even harder on my now rock hard dick.

Ooo I say it’s time fore some more fun!

She pulled away and turned around to face me. Tell you what I’ll give you one shot and one shot only. Make sure you give it all you got. Don’t hold any thing back!

She placed her back on the the wall and raised her arms in a double biceps pose, flexing both them and her abs.

If you can make me bend over or even drop my pose I will give you the best longest lasting eat-it-all blow job you ever had. If not you will fuck me an not touch my breast’s or any part of me at all.. Deal?


All right when I say go.

She relaxed then flexed then relaxed then flexed hard, held for a monument


I pulled back and swung with all my might putting all my weight into it, hitting her right on the mark. Now I am not a fighter but I have been in one or two fights and of course hit the bag in the gym but!!! It was like hitting a brick wall! There was a low thud as my hand hit and bounce off without even moving her in an fraction of an inch. All she did was smile with that I won na-na-boo-boo smile of a total winner. I guess the look of shock show on my face.

I guess you don’t like blow jobs very much if that’s all your going to do?

Oh no I I I I I I I.... The pain just hit it was like hitting a brick wall all right including the pain in the hand up the elbow to the shoulder. As I shook it off...

Oh I’m sorry I guess I should have warned you that might happen.

That’s ok.... Next time I will know better.

Oh there will be a next time alright, let me see that.

She took my hand and turned around placing my hand between her side and her arm. Bringing my hand up to breast an opening it up and placing it on her breast, she started to stroke my arm and hand.

There that should get some “feeling” back..... Oh I say its working. oh oh

She started to rub her ass on my now rock hard dick and flex her gluts. I placed my other hand palm wide open on her pussy and started to rub.

Ouu.. Ouuu. Ouuu yea O O I am ready for my prize now.

I glade she was. I was going to lose it in just a few more seconds if she was ready or not! I turned her around and placed her on the side wall. Holding her hands about head high on the wall I pressed againce her but not to tight.

Oh yea ooo..

Holding her hands still I started to slide up and down a few inches, gently rubbing her pussy with my dick but not trying to penetrate her yet.

Oh that soooo good... OH.. YES!....

I slid down her now, just my chest pressing on her breast’s then on her navel, then on the top of the pussy hair line. Teasing a little moving back and fourth before I lowered on to her now oh so wet lips.

OH... MY... YES!... YES!! ... AAAAA.... OH..GOD.. DON’T.. STOP!!! OOOOOOO

I was getting the response I was hopping for. Her juices were flowing out of control again and the smell and hot hot feel of them on the chest was the greatest turn on ever. I pulled my self up rubbing her every inch of the way. Getting into her was no problem as even a greater flow started running. The sounds she was making, combined with the hot juices on me dick, gave me all the strength I needed to be able to fuck her brains out again. I started to pump all the way in and out and there was a delightful sound as the suction and the juices combined to create the lock that seems only to happen to animals. I was starting to lose my balance so I picked her up a little increasing my angle and then push in as hard and as far as I could. At the same time I places my feet on the back of the tub wall with my toes on the bottom of the tub.

Ooo... Oooo... OOOooo.... HARDER!.....”””HARDER!!!!!!”””””

Using my legs for added leverage I pressed in as hard as I could. Relaxing, pushing, relaxing,pushing not ever pulling out but only relieving the pressure.

AGGGG!!!...... AGGGGG!!!!...... AGGUUGGG..... Thats.. IT!... Thats!!... THE... SPOT!!!!!!........

I could fell it to. It was that spot you only hear of but never find, until now. It has many names the G spot, The hot spot, the love button, and so on. Most woman don’t know were this is or how to get to it, but this lean, no holes bard, fucking machine of a woman has it and was using it. It was just touching the tip of my dick on every push. I leaded back arching my back lifting her up a little more, pushing harder with every thrust. She had her legs around my back but now they were held straight out. I was pushing with every thing I had now and hitting the spot every time.

AU!!!.... AU!!!!.... AAAUUUUUU!!!!!...... OOOOOUUUUU!!!.... YEE... YEE!! YEEEE!!!!!......

I pulled my hands down and behind me for counter balance. At this point the tip of my dick was in constant contact with her spot.

OOO!!... OOOO!!!!..... OOOOOHHHAAAAA!!!!!........

Just then she look down to see that the only thing holding her up and supporting her full weight was my dick. Pushing and hitting the mark every time. It was to much she went over the edge.

O.. GOD.. SSSHHHHH.... SSSHHHHHHHH...... EERRRRRRRR!!!!!...... EEERRRRRRRR.. KU!!..KU!!..KU!!!!!....... AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAaaaaaaaa!!!!!!....... AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAaaaaaaaa!!!!!!..... OOOUUUUUUUUU!!!!........... AU!!... AU!!.... AU!!.... >>>>

That was it that last au and I felt the hot hot cream hit my dick with the force of a freight train. I was gone.


With ever “ert” I never pulled pack or let up the pressure just pushed and pushed. Then finally as I squirted my load in that hot pussy, she felt it and orgasm again!

>>>> OH!! OH!! OH!!! OH!!! OH!!!!!



WE CLIMAXED AND SCREAMED TOGETHER!!!! There was nothing else just us the hot pussy and the hard dick locked together for ever.

We came to some time later.

WOW I said


What a woman

What a man.

She leaned closer and hugged me and planted a big kiss. We are not shure how we ended up in this position, but it was fun getting there. Me sitting on the bottom of the tub, my legs up and bent against the side wall. She was in my lap with her legs under my arm pits and dangling over the edge of the tub. She pulled herself closer to me by using her legs on the tub, her firm breast pushing into my chest tight. As she moved we heard the squish of our mixed juices on the tub floor. This must have been a turn on for her as much for me. Even though at first I though there was nothing left to give, I was hard again!

Mmm.. Mmm what a man. Lets see what damage my legs can do!

With that she started to pull harder and harder on the tub. With her legs bent over the tub she had incurable strength, and was pulling me in tighter.

Oh baby yea. harder..

OOuuu.. yea...

She reached behind me and grabbed on the side of the tub and pulled her pussy into me so hard that my ball started to go in as well.


Oh did I hurt you?

NO! I need more. Give it to me!

She now pulled me in even tighter and some how even my balls were in those hot wet pussy lips closing and opening on them. I reached behind her and pulled on her ass into me. This changed our angle some and wow!

AGG.. AGG!!!... AAAGGGG!!!! YES!!!!!!....

I was on the spot again! This time with even more pressure that before. I could feel it move with every thrust and push back with more pressure every time. My balls were being squeezed like never before and I could not get enough!
OOOO!!.... OOOOOOO!!!....... AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!............
YA. YA!!! YAAAAA!!......

This time when we woke up. My legs were out to the side, she was laying back on the the tub with me on top. We looked into each other eyes for a moment then kissed long and hard. We slowly got up, which was not easy from the poison we wound up in. We were both covered with blood, seamen, and oh that wonderful smell of that time of the month woman juices. We turned the shower on to clean up when she had a twinge in her lower abs.

Oh OH!..

What’s wrong

Nothing nothing I’ll be ok

Something must be wrong.

It’s not wrong. It’s great I never though I could get them.

Get what?

I’m not shure? OH!.... It’s ok! Not shure what they are really called but I only read about them, never though I could be able to get them.

What all rea...


What all ready!!

(Ha ha ha) the best name I can think of is cramps.


Yea in the stories I’ve herd or read, when an out of shape takes on an either very over weight or very large man he hits her inner pussy so hard that it caused small spasms after there are done. I am in such good shape and you are not overweight my much, I would not have though about it. One of the other causes is from letting a man (or lover) use a dido on you, without taking into acount any pain they are causing. I guess you fall into the last category, only you don’t need any plastic just that great big wonderful cock of your.

Thanks. Will they last long?

Na just a few minits. Just need to rub them out.

Let me do that. After all I caused them.

Shure! By the way how are your balls doing? Last time I remember I was banging on them pretty good, but you weren’t complaining ?

Oh there a little sore. But I loved how they got that way. Now come over hear.

She came over and turned around as I worked up a soapey lather and rubbed out all the cramps and then some.

Turn around, Let me at you.

She took the lather and rubbed me in all my sore spots both of them!

We dryed each other off and started to get dressed when I looked at my watch.

My god. Do you know how long we been at this??

What an hour or two?

Try SIX!

NO WAY! let me see.

She opened the door and look out at the bedroom clock.

Your right! Wow this was great! lets do this again real soon!

Sounds good to me, only we will haft to plan on a time when I can get away from my wife.

No problem Hears my phone # and Email call me when you get free time.

Oh you can count on it. And next time I get not only my winnings (as I gently grabbed her breast’s and squeezed) but I will be able to have something to eat (as I playfully padded her pussy)!

Oh you can count on it!

May be you should spend some more time at the gym, so you don’t get those cramps again??

Ump. Look who’s talking, why if I had you in the gym you would be crying uncle in no time.

If I “HAD” you in the gym (pushing our hips together) you would spend even more time asleep.

Hmmm... I think that could be arranged. You and me in the gym that is.

I’m “UP” for what ever you can dish out.

Ok Your on, call me next week and we will set up a time for me to clean! your! CLOCK! (She she grabbed my dick)

You got it!

Good. Now go home to you wife and get the rest, your gonna need it.

We kissed and said our good bye’s and I ran home to get some rest until the gym!

Next time
The GYM.



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